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By Jason Meadows, 17th Apr 2012

What ever happened to, Leon Trotsky.......... he gotta ice pick, it made his ears burn.............. whatever happened to the heroes!!!?

Ah Mr Joburns a classic to kick us off 4 days before the bully off. I was going to start with 'Who ate all the pies?' but judging by your bay window its not rocket is it!!!?

My new years resolution was not to pick on the 'Creature' as much this season as i felt it unfair. However this lasted all of 5 seconds. Ive never had any willpower.

So the same personnel will be defending the title, Tim will fill in when the usual suspects go away for their summer breaks, or Jobe attends another scissor sisters wedding or I'm injured. Chat wont be returning but we have Ishan Jayantha, another Sri Lankan and another 'new toy' for ifty to play with for the summer?? He comes highly recommended so hopefully he'll do the business.

Housewives is like a maturing wine, Eh? is well Eh? and we are looking forward to new boy Danny addressing his new team mates, in keeping with tradition, with the customary team talk on Saturday!!

Everyone will be looking fwd to seeing Barbaras baps for the first time and congratulations to Hayley Cropper Jnr Spittor for an excellent performance Saturday at Tickhill. Along with Jack ' me dads got me subs' Shutt and Norman Stanley Fletcher Meadows they got the 2nd's off to a great start.

SOOOOOOO tune in for my match reports, although if we lose i'll sulk and not do one, so keep me busy boys please?!!!

All the best and good luck to everyone.



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  1. David Howarth over 3 years ago

    Spotted it now, still a disappointing start to the season. I'd look to reprimand Steve if I ever bloody saw him

  2. Jason Meadows over 3 years ago

    Ive added a bit on to the bottom of the match report copied and pasted Dez??

    TBH seeing that one already in my spot left me somewhat unamused so Ive not bothered as I would have. Yes!!!, very mardy I know, but after all ITS MY REPORT not his

  3. David Howarth over 3 years ago

    Nagger - having dipped your toe are you now going to get a your whole leg wet and give us a report for the first weekend?

  4. Jason Meadows over 3 years ago

    none were out and its typical Elsecar getting all the decisions go there way!!!!! howdo

  5. Andy Joburns over 3 years ago

    nar he was nearly stood on his stumps it skided through on him

  6. Kev Linney over 3 years ago

    I thought one of Ehs? Looked a tad high

  7. Andy Joburns over 3 years ago

    he lifted his back foot kev it was obvious, the best one was iftys lbw to there opener who was dead in front of middle stump then he decided to trundle round field complaining about it.

  8. Kev Linney over 3 years ago

    Looked rather easy today, with overseas to come. Even TB showed up at Crab Fields. No.4 wasn't happy with the stumping Jobi!!!!

  9. Andy Joburns over 3 years ago

    thats our main aim this year tewwy to stun everyone again and win the fair play award, i mean am good as gold but there are a few fruitcakes in our side,

  10. Terry Bentham over 3 years ago

    hope you are going for the fair play award again Jason. you would get my vote but me too old to do premier

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