Elsecar Cricket Club

Elsecar Cricket Club

Welcome Aboard Danial Rafiq

By Steve Taylor, 19th Feb 2012

1st XI Skipper, Ian Swallow said:

"I would just like to take this opportunity, to welcome Danial Rafiq to Elsecar CC. Danial has agreed to join Elsecar CC, for the 2012 coming season."

"We are very pleased to have captured a young and very talented cricketer and I am sure everyone will agree with me in wishing Danial all the best for the coming season."

"I hope he will have many years of enjoyment and success at the club. I know everyone will make him welcome and put him at ease, so that he can fulfill all his potential and undoubted ability."

"Good luck Danial & welcome on board."


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  1. Kev Linney over 3 years ago

    Stereotyping thea Jobi? Just sounds like me and Matt

  2. Andy Joburns over 3 years ago

    were all gonna wombwell
    when our waists start getting bigger and our eyesight starts going just for the piss up every week

  3. Kev Linney over 3 years ago

    No comment Jobi. Nothing to do with me, Wombwell might!!!!!!

  4. Andy Joburns over 3 years ago

    i certainly did and i had him caught behind next bowl, i might throw the gloves away lol does rock 2nds need a first change bowler?

  5. Kev Linney over 3 years ago

    Swal says u let everyone know!!!!

  6. Andy Joburns over 3 years ago

    just nipped one back kev after 3 away swingers, just kissing top of off stump tha nos

  7. Kev Linney over 3 years ago

    Your not telling me you clean bowled the new lad Jobi?

  8. Andy Joburns over 3 years ago

    As my first victim of the winter nets!!(batsmen should never get art to keeper)ad like to say welcome to the looney bin Danny Raff

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