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Ernesford A
LMR Rugby A
Sat 28 Jan TBC - League

LMR A match

We started well in the first quarter, making some good chances and sticking to our players well. At the end of the first quarter we were drawing with LMR and playing well. Defence were tight to their attack and stopped them from getting quite a few goals. Obviously with Lianne out of action, Daisy played up. She held her space well against the tight GK of LMR and we were able to pass the ball in high to her and make quite a few chances.
We had a fairly good second quarter, passing up the court was good and we were all tight to our players meaning that we made some good inteceptions and were able to move the ball out of defence well into centre court. An area that let us down in the second quarter was that we struggled to pass the ball effectively around the circle and with the tight defence some of the balls in and out were intercepted. LMR were very good and fast at getting the ball down from their defence to attack and then the shooter held her space very well, which LMR used to their advantage and the ball was going in well to the GS. Michelle played an excellent game and managed to push the ball off for a back line on quite a few ocassions meaning that LMR did not convert all of their goals. After the second quarter we ended up down by a few, simply because in our attack we were not patient. This is an area that we need to work on and as Wendy said selecting the 'right' pass is something which we need to work on as a team.
In the third quarter, Shirley came on as GA and Sarah moved to GS. The fourth quarter saw us ending up losing by 7 goals, which is frustrating as we beat them by 10 last time. LMR passed the ball well between themselves and were very quick at getting the ball out of defence into their attack. An area that attack need to work on is marking the play up court, being tight on our players. Helen and Sarah did communicate well and often switched to each others players moving up court which worked well. Attack also need to work on selecting the right pass and being patient. Sarah and Daisy need to make sure that they hold their space well and that the balls coming into the circle are into the space, so that the defence struggle to intercept those passes. Sammy was really good at stopping the GA from getting into the circle or at least delaying her. Claire and Michelle played well and got a fair few rebounds.
Thanks to Daisy and Shirley for playing up and well done to Helen who got player!


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