Fife Southern RFC - The Sharks

Fife Southern RFC - The Sharks

IRB RugbyReady Booklet

Size: 12,043 KB

Recovery Booklet

This is a guide to recovery for athletes written by the Scottish Institute of Sport.

Size: 490 KB

Guidelines for refereeing the Domestic Game 2011 - 12

Guidelines for Refereeing Domestic Rugby – This used to be called the Community Rugby Memorandum and explains how referees should be managing the game and applying the Laws in all aspects of the game.

Size: 356 KB

Are You Ready to Play Rugby - Physical Conditioning

Rugby is a multi-faceted, physically demanding sport which requires a high degree of all-round fitness. The fitness demands and training requirements for any player will depend on the position he/she plays and the level and age of the team that he/she plays for. All players should engage in fitness or conditioning programmes encompassing all components of Rugby Fitness before playing in a competitive game.

Size: 112 KB

Are you Rugby Ready? Course Manual

Size: 4,183 KB

Are You Rugby Ready? Law Variations

Size: 1,762 KB

Game Management Guidelines for Youth and Schools

Size: 111 KB

IRB Beginners Guide to Rugby Union

Size: 2,885 KB

Scottish Rugby's Long Term Athlete Development Document

Size: 4,147 KB

Serious Injury Report Form

Size: 113 KB

Scottish Institute of Sport Strength and Conditioning Booklet

Size: 1,655 KB

Code of Conduct

Size: 225 KB

Nutritional Guide

Size: 1,842 KB

Practical Nutrition for Rugby

Size: 825 KB

Active Fife Training Brochure

A full list of coach education courses and training for a variety of sports and physical activities across Fife for 2011/12.

Size: 1,397 KB

Players Code of Conduct

Private Document: Player, Staff, Coach, Team Admin, Webmaster.

As issused by the Fine Master for the 2011/2012 season.

Size: 12 KB

IRB Concussion Guidelines I

Size: 1,453 KB

IRB Concussion Guidelines II

Size: 697 KB

Membership Forms 2012/2012

Size: 53 KB

Medical & Registration Form Micros & Minis

All parents / Guardians must fill in this form

Size: 50 KB

Code of Conduct

This is the code of conduct that should be adhered to and followed by all involved in the game of rugby.

Size: 225 KB

IRB Laws

Laws of the game of Rugby Union.

Size: 3,951 KB

Rugby World Cup Sweep 2011

Entry Form for Club Sweep

Size: 80 KB

Rugby Nutrition

Pre-game nutrition to benefit performance.

Size: 89 KB

Food for Fitness

Size: 185 KB

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League Tables

BT Caledonia League » Division 3 Midlands East

1 Arbroath 6 30
2 Dundee University Medics 7 27
3 Falkirk 2XV 9 25
4 Waid Academy FP 6 21
5 Kirkcaldy 2XV 6 18
6 Fife Southern 7 18
7 Stobswell 8 17
8 Strathmore 2XV 9 12
9 Montrose & District 7 5
10 Glenrothes Dev XV 9 0

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