Fife Southern RFC - The Sharks

Fife Southern RFC - The Sharks

Welcome Back!

The website has had a wee bit of a tidy up, removing old and out of date notices, admin and webmaster posts. If any club memeber wishes to become a team administrator or a webmaster then they can apply through the website.

The website has 6 main aims

    [*]To provide team and fixture information to the 1st XV

    [*]To provide information to parents and players of the ever growing youth section (S1-6)

    [*]To provide information to parents regarding fixtures and other relevant information for the mini section

    [*]To provide ALL club members information about fixtures and events happening at the club

    [*]To provide visiting teams a way of finding out where we are and also what they can expect from their visit

    [*]To provide new players and anyone interested in joining the club, contact details and ways of becoming members


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