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Home Match Day Duties & Rota Season 2016-17

For assistance and co-ordination please check-in with :

Chairman Richard Ayers 07923089221
1st team manager Simon Whittingham 07930563441
2nd team managers Mark Walton 07947859057 & Martin Hindle 07921460467


• Arrive approx. 2 hours before k/off , arrange pick up of keys from Rich Ayers 07923089221
• Collect Kit from container
• open club house
• hang up kit on dressing room pegs
• Fill water bottles
• Take medical bag to changing room
• make sure changing rooms are clean and tidy
• Open car park & pitch gates (combination lock: code 2512)
• put out pitch equipment, post protectors, corner flags, ball retrieval net and balls.
• Put out pitch respect barrier,(temp barrier to divide pitches running north-south).
• Ensure technical areas are marked out on river side of pitch (spray lines, a box for each team marked H & A)
• Turn showers on (see instruction sign near referee changing room.


• Ensure food is on its way (ring)
• Stand at gate entrance to pitches ensuring that spectators don’t enter and remain behind perimeter fencing.


• Make sure players bring in pitch equipment
• Ensure equipment is put away tidily in container
• Ensure rubbish is collected from fields so minis have a tidy field for Sunday morning
• Lock pitch and car park gates
• Lock container
• Ensure changing rooms have been swept ready for juniors / women Sundays
• Ensure food is served
• Ensure someone runs the raffle
• Turn off shower boiler switch to prevent it blowing

Have a beer & thank you


Aug. 27th Oaks Cup Frank Purkiss & Mike Gardner
Sept. 3rd Oaks Richard Ayers & Andy-B-Lowe
Sept. 10th Blues Dave Bosson & Adi Bosson
Sept. 17th Oaks Bob Johnston & Matt Green
Sept. 24th Blues & Viagrans Andy Moreland & Ian Davies
Oct. 1st Oaks Andy Law & one other
Oct. 8th Oaks & Blues Richard Ayers & Robbie Kerr & Steve Swarbrick
Oct. 29th Oaks & Blues Micky Pearson & Andy Riley & Simon Nelson
Nov. 12th Blues Phil Peck & James Peachy Roberts
Nov. 19th Oaks Roddy Bettaney & Nick Smith
Nov. 26th Blues Simon Nelson & Allan Whittaker
Dec. 10th Oaks Ian Davies & Roger Nelson
Dec. 17th Blues Andy-B-Lowe & Matt Green
Jan. 14th Oaks & Blues Bob Johnston & Bert Cross & Frank Purkiss
Feb. 11th Blues Mike Gardner & Dave Bosson
Feb. 18th Oaks Steve Swarbrick & Adi Bosson
Mar. 4th Blues Robert Cross & Robbie Kerr
Mar. 11th Oaks Ian Davies & Andy Moreland
Mar. 25th Blues Micky Pearson & Andy Riley
April 8th Oaks & Blues Stuart McKirdy & Andy Law & Roddy Bettaney
April 22nd Blues Phil Peck & Roger Nelson


Ayers Richard 07956578984 Green Matt 07753766098
Simon Nelson 07875353070 Bettaney Roddy 07972478832 Gardner Mike 07711110652 Roger Nelson 07866980804
Bosson Adi 07706887840 Hindle Martin 07921460467
Pearson Micky 07917134684
Bosson Dave 07792730081 Johnston Bob 07557909700
Peck Phil 07971000748 Bhagat-L Andy 07876132284
Kerr Robbie 07508642895 Robert James 07779100672
Cavanagh Alan 07989585637 Law Andy 07913722810
Smith Nick 07746932237 Cross Robert 07738648767
McKirdy Stuart 07989352210 Swarbrick Stev 07527782478
Davies Ian 07828487240 Moreland Andy 07831888312


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