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4 years ago By Andrew Stevenson

Time for some news on what we need to do and opportunities for us

Please remember training resumes next week, 19th April for the Warriors from 7-8.30pm


On Thursday 26th April we will be starting our new ladies sessions. They will be having the first 90 minutes from 7pm and the Warriors will train up to closing time. The guys are very welcome to come along but you’ll either have to assist or stay on the sidelines.

For those folks not able to come by car, the buses to take from the city are the 44 or 45 which leave from Queen Street, 44 probably the quicker of the two. The terminus is at the shops on Wollaton Avenue just along from the Gedling School so just check with the driver if you’re not sure.

We will need to have an AGM soon and Adam has a nice room we can use. Could you all PLEASE respond very soon and let me know if there are any evenings or specific dates towards the middle/end of May when you could not make a 7pm meeting at the Centre.

Anyone who has played with the team or, as in the case of the ladies, who is about to play is welcome. We will need to discuss places on the committee, budgets and finance and a few other things. I’ll make sure we have a full agenda agreed by all and sent out in advance.


The Warriors match on the 28th is currently hanging in the balance. I have had no contact from Lincoln or Peterborough so I am currently trying to get Loughborough to put up a team at their place on the 28th so we can all travel there with families etc and meet for a meal afterwards. More when I get it.

I have put out tentative feelers to see if we can arrange a tour abroad next summer, I have friends in the Netherlands (Volendam) and Germany (near Dortmund) who I have asked. We’ll keep this in mind as we go along BUT if anyone either cannot make it or feels (as we will be self funding) they are unable to find the finance, please let me know, for genuine cases, finance will not be an issue. If you know of any blocked out dates right now, please let me know and as they come up, keep me informed.

I have ordered another 10 sets of the blue kits and for the Warriors as I want to make sure you all have one of these sets to retain as long as you are with the club.

The ladies will now have use of the new burgundy kits so PLEASE return them to me very soon if you still have one (I know there are several out still!!!!).

The Warriors will also have use of the new red/black striped shirts with red shorts which now have logos and numbers on the shirts and they are ready to go (we have 15 sets) but I’ll hang on to these. During the next couple of months I’ll be attending a couple of exhibitions and I have an insider who is going to attempt to get me 2 or 3 sets of t-shirts and/or polo shirts from exhibitors.

We need to decide if we are going to continue training right through the summer. We obviously need around 10 folks a week to make this sustainable and don’t forget we have a very big tournament at Nottingham University on August bank Holiday weekend. Again, I really need your views on this please.

We had a go at wheelchair handball earlier this week, thanks again for the help Jason, and there is now likely to be a coaches course in June so if you are interested in taking part, please let me know.

I have a load of posters/flyers for the ladies handball sessions which can be seen on this page. When we meet next, could you take some and distribute them round work, friends, family etc so we can reach a wide audience please. Thanks to Matt Bloor at the County Council for paying for these.

We will need to begin to raise some funds to make sure the club has enough money to do what you want to do. My suggestion is that EVERYONE does a sponsored ‘something’ and raises money from friends, families and colleagues. My fund raiser will be to eat a tin of cat food, some cat biscuits and a drink of milk!! The funkier the idea, the better our chances and we should all try to do it in one place on one day, may even get some publicity as well.

If anyone has anything interesting which we could use for the web site, pass it onto Andrew, that includes funny photos or videos of yourself. Keep on checking out the web site as the more it is accessed and the more is added, the better our ranking (currently 6th).

Some of you may already be aware that the goals are due to arrive by around the end of the month, this should mean no arguments about whether it was in or not and you’ll get genuine practice at shooting. It may worry Jason a bit!!

We’re still looking at trying to get hold of another set of goals for Mapperley Sports Village so we could play home matches there. We will remain faithful to Adam and keep our ‘home’ at Gedling, without his help we would certainly not be here right now!

FINALLY! If anyone knows any ladies who would be interested in joining our group, please let them know. This applies to novices or folks who have played before, the more we have, the better our chances of it being a sustainable success.

Enough for now and I hope to see you all in the next couple of weeks!



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