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Junior Rams 0- The New Firm 3 tries

by GGRFC Webmaster

Rams Have a Mountain To Climb...

"We'll win this one easy boys!"

That was what I overheard one of the Junior Rams shout to the rest of the team just minutes before the kick off today.

The New Firm took to the field in three or four different Mountain Ash kits, they had two little girls in their starting line up and they had one player that made Dylan J look like a man mountain.

Gilfach stood there in full uniform, with thirteen tries for and none against in their last two encounters and made the crucial mistake of underestimating the opposition.

The Rams were captained today by Jordan Warren and he chose to drop out to them. Mount received and did what I have been trying to get the boys to do since June. Stand back off the ruck, compose yourself and take the ball at pace. Mount did this with no frills, no fancy passes, no slinging the ball anywhere and made immediate headway.

The New Firm held four or five big lumpers in their squad, and they knew how to run hard. Having said that, they were met with ferocious tackling that any international team would be proud of. Jack, Ben, Dylan J, Dylan W, Jake and Cameron stood firm int tight areas and kept the enemy out.

Sadly, and my biggest dissapointment of the game, was that we could not keep the ball for more than one phase when we had attacking opportunities. The boys are so eager to get their hands on the ball, that they simply will not stand back off that ruck. They are so close to the acting scrum half that when he bends over to pick up the ball, their nose is up his behind!!

In training they stand back brilliantly. When the whistle goes and the crowd start screaming, the fire in the belly melts the ice in the head and all training drills are tossed aside like Christmas wrapping paper.

Mount had two chances in the first half and they scored twice. The first try was marginal, as Ben flew across to corner flag, made a great tackle which knocked the corner flag onto the next field, but sadly the try was awarded. The second was in the other corner and was well worked, no arguments there.

A few stern words from myself and Tonka at half time stirred the troops and the boys seemed to be more focussed for the commencement of the second half.

A great little catch and run by Riley made us a few yards. Dylan J popped a nice little ball to Dylan S. Now this boy always, always runs straight. Not today...instead he tried a miss one pass which was nicely intercepted by a Mount player whom placed the ball down nicely for Mount try number three.

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We now had a real mountain to climb.Jack made some nice inroads, so did Ben and Cameron, Dominic got his hands on the ball, so did skipper Jordan. Jake made a few mazey runs, but was getting more and more frustrated each time he was being brought to the floor. Sadly, this culminated with a little piece of silly play as he kicked the ball at his tackler, after the tackle, and consequently left the field of play for two minutes.

Gilfach clawed back possession and Jack W took the ball from Dylan W at the ruck, and ran hard and straight. He then legally hit a would be Mount defender so hard that the game had to be brought to a halt. Sadly for Jack, as the game was stopped he was well on his way to scoring a try, which would have sparked off a Gilfach revival. Unfortunately, it wasn't going to be Gilfach's day and no complaints are to be made.

The game ended 3-0, and the boys, especially in the second half, couldn't have given anymore. As a wise old bird said after the game

"You learn more from losing, than you do from winning boys."

A fitting statement, and the last thirty minutes of Wednesday will be spent, as last Wednesday, standing back from the tackle area, taking the ball at pace and staying out of each others way. Only this time, the boys will have a better idea of how effective this can be in a game.

Still proud of you ALL boys. You are a cracking bunch of kids and I'm looking forward to Wednesday.


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