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Player Handbook


Tuesday    All Blues RFC   
Arrive from 6:00pm
Starts at 6:30pm 

When attending training you will always need the following items: Rugby Boots & trainers. Rugby kit including a rugby shirt, gum shield & any other items you may require. Always be prepared to train indoors or out in any weather conditions. On Thursday's Captain's run through, everyone is expected to wear All Blues kit, i.e. socks, shorts, tee & rain top.


Lateness is disrespectful to your teammates & coaches. You are a key member of a team that can only operate to it's full potential when everyone is working together. Punctuality not only applies to training sessions but also team & unit meetings, video analysis and match day meet times. Text or call!


Being a junior club, physio & treatment is a cost the club can not afford but are happy to arrange and push you in the right direction whether that be sports massage or injury specific treatment. It is strongly advised that you take out your own insurance against injury, treatment & loss of earnings.


Team selection for forthcoming matches will be announced on Thursday night before training commences at 7:00pm. Players will be spoken to on an individual basis regarding the inclusion/exclusion of the 1st XV squad for that weekend, time & punctuality permitting.
If you are not selected for the 1st XV you will be expected to play for the 2nd XV. There is a clear path from 2nd XV to 1st XV through match videos and meetings held between coaches and respective team captains on a weekly basis.


All GABRFC home games will kick off at the following times unless otherwise stated prior to the match.
3:00pm - September, October & April
2:30pm - November through to March.
The squad is expected to assemble in the changing room no later than 1hr45 minutes before kick off. Players will be expected to wear All Blues leisure wear before the match and All Blues post match dress code afterwards. When possible games will be recorded, copies of the game can be obtained through the club media officer Ewhen Nebesniak.
Important: For nutritional and health benefits, it is vital, and required, that players eat at the club together on the banquet tables and also drink to rehydrate. It is also a requirement that players do not leave immediately after a game.


Whenever possible Gloucester All Blues RFC expects all players to travel to away games together as a team on the bus/coach provided. If however there are times when it is necessary for a player to drive to an away game then permission will have to be obtained via Matt Teague first.

We are a team, and it is important we always aim to travel together. If there are players that need to get back by a certain time then the whole coach will leave rather than 3 or 4 players driving to/from away games.


Martin Knight, Rich Robinson, Shaun Edwards, Simon Hyam, and Rich Mellor are your representatives on the Players Committee and look forward to hearing your constructive input, feedback and ideas. They will discuss with management and coaching team on a monthly basis.


Players will be called upon by the Club to participate in and attend functions, events and socials at Gloucester All Blues RFC.
At all home games, all players are expected to stay at the club until 6:00pm and at least for 1 drink on a Tuesday & Thursday.


- Work towards my attainment of my full potential at Gloucester All Blues RFC.
- Occupy my time outside of GABRFC in a manner that doesn't fall foul of the club.
- Comply with the training requirements as laid down by the coaches and to accept and respond in a positive manner to their constructive criticism.
- Abide by the spirit, as well as to the letter of the rules of rugby union.
- Behave and dress in a dignified manner when representing the club both on and off the field.
- Abide to the players rules & standards as set out by the players which can be found in the home changing room.


If a player is sent off while representing GABRFC, before attending the GRFU disciplinary hearing you will be asked to attend a GABRFC disciplinary hearing. There will be a panel of 3 on the board and you will be entitled to a representative if required. At this hearing if found guilty, the club will decide on an appropriate ban which will fall in line with the RFU guidelines. You will then be represented by a club official at the GRFU hearing. 
Full details of the clubs disciplinary policy can be found in the home changing room and in the club house.


Looking the part is an important part of being a member of the team. We have a dress code so please adhere to it! Kit fines are in place and set out by the players standards in the changing room.

Thursday Training: All Blues training rugby shirt
Pre Match: All Blues t-shirt, bottoms, warm up top provided.
Post Match: All Blues polo shirt, jeans or chinos with shoes.

All kit can be viewed online through
All team wear and kit is supplied by Nike.


You will be required to obtain a sponsor on a yearly basis. The cost to the sponsor will be £50. This will provide them with:
- Their name in any home programme
- Their name on the Players Sponsors board beneath your name and photo in the clubhouse.
- Their name on the web site along with your profile picture.
- 10 free drinks throughout the season, 1 per home game.
- Company logo on you own warm up kit (subject to £120 sponsorship)

If you obtain £120 sponsorship before the end of May you will receive your pre season kit of tee shirt, shorts & socks free of charge.

If you have a sponsor interested but require some assistance please contact Gary Teague or Rich Robinson. If you are unable to find a sponsor you will be expected to contribute the £50 towards the on going costs of running the rugby club.


Head Coach 
Matt Teague 07817 862838

Forwards Coach
Craig Ballinger 07929 375559 

Club Captain 
Martin Knight 07872 176588
Tim Brennan 07973 378335

2nd Team Captain 
Dan Rea 07875 443832

NGC Representative 
Rich Robinson 07834 524469

Club Chairman 
Gary Teague 07989 825390

Club Secretary 
Rob Hart 07880 791865

Fixture Secretary 
Huw Thomas 07891 805817

Media Officer 
Ewhen Nebesniak 07747 081255

Team Manager
Pat Quin 07794 665401 

Stack Hyam 07554 248792

Club Function Hire 
Lynne Mctaggart 07707 628422

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