Gloucester City Hockey Club


This page shows all the logged events for your team this season. Please see the key below for an explanation of each icon.
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Sub ons
Penalty flicks
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Clean Sheet Bonus
Points per appearance
Pete PalmerPete Palmer - Forward7130013000000001.9
Alex TranterAlex Tranter - Midfield68008010000001.3
Jonny StevensJonny Stevens - 24004000000002.0
Neil StewartNeil Stewart - 24004000000002.0
Jeremy  EnglishJeremy English - Forward83003000000000.4
Andy McGuinessAndy McGuiness - 73003000000000.4
Dan HammondDan Hammond - Forward12002000000002.0
Peter TyrrellPeter Tyrrell - Midfield12002000000002.0
Callum FrenchCallum French - Midfield11001000000001.0
Anton PritchardAnton Pritchard - Midfield31001000000000.3
Tony BarwickTony Barwick - Defender60000000000000.0
David BlakeyDavid Blakey - Midfield40000000000000.0
Lee StoneLee Stone - Goal Keeper10000000000000.0
Iain AtkinsonIain Atkinson - Defender10000000000000.0
Jim StokesJim Stokes - Defender60000000000000.0
John AttwoollJohn Attwooll - Defender80000000000000.0
Eddie HartiganEddie Hartigan - Defender80000000000000.0
Mark ReadstoneMark Readstone - Defender20000000000000.0
Neil RayerNeil Rayer - Midfield30000000000000.0
Kiran LambertKiran Lambert - 10000000000000.0
Adam WeavingAdam Weaving - 50000000000000.0
Paddy WeavingPaddy Weaving - 10000000000000.0
james hutchinsjames hutchins - 10000000000000.0
Chris RenfrewChris Renfrew - 10000000000000.0
Callum SmithCallum Smith - 50000000000000.0
Joe TibblesJoe Tibbles - 40000000000000.0
Matt SelwoodMatt Selwood - 30000000000000.0


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appearances Appearances
points Points
sub_offs Sub offs
sub_ons Sub ons
goals Goals
penalty_flicks Penalty flicks
player_of_the_matchs Player of the Match
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short_corners Short corners
yellow_cards Yellow cards
red_cards Red cards
green_cards Green cards
clean_sheet_bonuss Clean Sheet Bonus
points_per_appearance Points per appearance