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Membership 2017-18

Guildford Rugby Club - 2017/18 Season

Membership Information Sheet

Please read this document before completing the online Membership Registration Form at

Guildford Rugby Club is part of Broadwater Sports Club Ltd. Limited company status, our licence, and insurance is all dependent on our holding up to date membership lists. It is imperative that those who make use of the club facilities provided by the club are registered members.

General Terms of Membership
The Club, its servants, agents, employees or coaches are not under any liability whatsoever for the loss of property, accidents or injuries of or to members or their children, however caused whilst on Club premises, or during the course of training, preparation or matches played at the Club or other grounds.
Members must keep up to date on the membership database on the club’s website their personal details and those of their children or wards.
All memberships are for 12 month period whether or not the member choses the phased payment option. By joining the club and chosng a phased payment plan, the member agrees to complete all the payments of that plan.
Members permit the taking and storage of still and video photography of the member and his or her children or wards to be used for promotional and training purposes.
One parent or guardian of each junior (youth, mini or micro) member is required to be a member of the club.
The membership fee of the first parent of each junior member is included in the full junior subscription of the first sibling of any family. Parent members will be non-voting members of Broadwater Pavilion Limited and will be entitled to vote on behalf of their eldest child at general meetings of Broadwater Sports Club Limited. There are discounted subscriptions available for second and subsequent siblings who have the same nominated parent member.
League entry fees and mini festival entry fees are included in annual subscriptions.
The Club would prefer parents to be present at all times, if this is not possible and it becomes necessary for a child to receive medical treatment and the parent or guardian cannot be contacted by telephone or any other means to authorise this, the parent or guardian gives general consent to any necessary medical treatment and authorises the Coach in charge of the age group to sign any document required by the hospital authorities.
Parents and guardians consent to their child(ren) travelling by private transport to away fixtures when they are unable to provide the necessary transport.

International Tickets - Application For Members
Application for international tickets will only be considered for those members who have paid their membership IN FULL by 30th September. As demand for tickets is strong all ticket application will be entered into a Ballot. Please note that these tickets cannot be sold outside the Club.

Loyalty Card
All adult members including parent members may apply for a club loyalty card which identifies the user and which can be charged with cash to make purchases at the bar. Purchases of beverages from the bar made using the card will qualify for a discount of 15%.
The deposts held on cards will be treated as advanced purchase payments and will be the property of the club. No refunds will be available except in the event of the death of the card holder in which case the whole balance held on the card will be paid to the estate of the deceased.
Members will be entitled to receive a statement of their cash balance and this can be requested at the bar A record of transactions willalso be available by application to the Operations Manager or Club Secretary; the bar staff are not able to issue records of transactionsand they will not be available during busy times.

Club Wide Mission Statement
Vision: A united club committed to the development of all players to ensure retention and recruitment at all ages.
Purpose: To provide a family-friendly inclusive club where rugby players can be developed in an enjoyable and safe environment.
Values: The RFU core values of teamwork, discipline, respect, sportsman- ship and enjoyment are recognised.
Our top five values are:
• Valuing all contributions
• Welcoming all
• Club unity
• Loyalty to the club
• Respecting each other and property

Financial Hardship Policy
As a club, we wish to support all members, and do not wish to see the payment of subscriptions as a barrier to not joining the club and enjoying rugby, assistance can be arranged on a case by case basis.
If you are having difficulty managing to pay your subscriptions or even afford a new pair of boots, then please talk to one of the board, on a completely confidential basis.

Safeguarding and Equality
Guildford RFC believes strongly in adopting and implementing best practice for child protection and welfare. We are a club that is committed to ensuring that equity is incorporated across all aspects of our club’s development.
That should be evidenced by our adoption of codes for players, coaches, spectators, and referees, as well as demonstrating equitable best practice.
We have a club welfare officer and assistants.
All adults in supervisory contact with children must be DBS cleared.
Coaches, referees, assistants, etc., are encouraged to attend formal and informal equity and child protection courses.
The club is committed to ensuring that equality is incorporated across all aspects of our development. In doing so we acknowledge and adopt the following Sport England definition of equality:
• Sports equity is about fairness in rugby, recognising inequities and taking steps to address them. It is about changing the culture and structure of rugby to ensure it becomes equally accessible to everyone in society.
• The club respects the rights, dignity and worth of every person and will treat everyone equally within the context of rugby,regardless of age, ability, disability, gender, race, ethnicity, religious belief, sexuality, nationality or social/economic status.
• The club is committed to everyone having the right to enjoy their rugby in an environment free from threat and indignation, harassment and abuse.
• All club members have a responsibility to oppose discriminatory behaviour and promote equality of opportunity. The club will deal with any incidence of discrimination seriously, according to the club’s disciplinary procedures.
• The club will take steps as appropriate to encourage membership from different groups and diverse communities.

Guildford RFC is affiliated to the RFU; therefore the mandatory RFU insurance covers all approved Club activities which fall within the RFU Rules and Regulations. This is basic cover and does have its limitations; therefore players are advised to take additional cover.
Please note that the club, its servants, agents or employees will not be responsible for supervising junior players before or after coaching sessions or matches.
The RFU encourages players to have an up-to-date tetanus injection. A properly fitted gum shield recommended and is compulsory for all U9 to U12 players, and a head guard is also recommended.
The use of the Gym should only be after an Induction and must always be with another adult present. The club cannot accept liability for any injury.


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