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SG Varel/Oldenburg
Sun 6 Apr 14:00 - League Full time

Bad Day for the Kickers

Vlad posed the question “is any body else allowed to score in this team?” Well, as it turns out, yes, any one can score in this team and so it proved

Bad Day for the Kickers

Hamburg Exiles v SG Varel/Oldenburg

Before I start, a quick thank you to Al Murphey who ran the score board for us…….. busy old boy he was too. …… Oh, before I forget, we actually played in Saarlandstrasse…… now there’s a rarity for you.

Additionally, to all of the guys who were involved with the new web page…… We’ve reached the 21 century and even have an app!!!!

Hamburg Exiles vs. SG Varel/Oldenburg (06.04.2014[pictures by Karin Krugler-Felsch])
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So this time last week, Vlad posed the question “is any body else allowed to score in this team?” Well, as it turns out, yes, any one can score in this team and so it proved today.

Today we had yet another score to settle, this time against Varel/Oldenburg who seriously did us over last time we met, so much so that the game has become “that game that we don’t mention”……..

Any how, with the guys still chuffed with themselves after the last 2 games, the mood was one of confidence and vengeance. Team selection took all of 5 minutes to draw up with the only major change seeing that stalwart of a 9 (Nik) moved out to the wing, allowing Rich take up the 9 position again. Front row of Kai, Juan and Sam have now become a very useful format, with both Basti R and Tjark providing the engine room. With Fred away (probably on holiday again), Henrik, Alberto and Daniel slotted into the pack.

Lennart was entrusted with the 10 role, ably supported by Colin, Vlad, Tim on the other wing and Basti B at 15. The bench was nothing to laugh at either and in any other game, would have made the starting line up……. But with competition for places now becoming the norm’ within the team, they didn’t.

So, the first half. With the rain lashing down, Rich kicked off, the pods ran up putting the pressure on and away we went at one hell of a pace. Once we’d recovered the ball, the lads ran a few phases of hands before the chocolate man himself (Daniel) drove over for a try!!! 2 games in a row where we’ve scored within 5 minutes. Unfortunately Sam fluffed the extra 2 points.

With the pitch not helping either team, it wasn’t long before Nik was caught out by a cleverly crafted chip, allowing Varel/Oldenburg to level the score.

And that was how the first half stayed (well almost). The exiles had the majority of the position although you wouldn’t have believed it given the number of times that the ref penalized us for things only he could see. As such, it wasn’t long before bam bam Colin was suddenly yellow carded. That was the catalyst to get the exiles going again. Several phases and scrums later, the ball was shipped out wide by Rich to Lennart to Vlad to Rich again, who slid over the line for another try. Unfortunately, we lost out on the extra 2 points.

Half Time score

Try, Daniel
Try, Rich
Conversations – Sam Nil!!!

Exiles 10, Varel/Oldenburg 5

So to the second half. Lets keep it brief, Alberto was driving opposition backwards, Basti B was popping up everywhere, Juan was turning up on the wings to create mismatches that you would never think possible. The ruck and mauls were being cleared out like never before and it wasn’t long before Rich went over for his second of the day. Not to be outdone thought. Not 10 minutes later, Vlad appeared out of nowhere, went left, right, left, left, right, spin chip, catch dive to score!!!! Told you Vlad, right time, right place and anyone can score.

To be fair, I was losing track of who was doing what again…. Yes I know, its probably old age, but the lads were gelling so well, mixing runs with quick phases, that it was a real joy to watch.

Anyhow, Arne shortly came on for Colin, which saw Tim move to inside centre. It wasn’t long before both were involved with some top tackling and defensive work. Alberto had to come off for a blood injury that saw the power of Asanka slot into the pack. Not 30 seconds had he been on the pitch, but we saw him drive down the pitch, with Sam and Basti in tow. Quick breakdown and ……. Yes you’ve got it Rich went over again for his 3rd!

Daniel was still pile driving through the defence, which in one instance saw a Varel/Oldenburg player effectively bounce off of him and walk straight off of the pitch to retire for the rest of the game.

Anyhow, Alberto went back on, Asanka come off and then all of a sudden Henrik was yellow carded!! A quick change of players saw Bob come on for Kai and Alex H come on for Daniel and what an impact both had. Bob went straight into the scrum, and turn the ball over. The ball was fed out to the left, which was eventually picked up by Tjark, who fed it to Lennart, who fed it to Sam, who …. You get the idea. Eventually a line out followed which saw Alex take the ball and set up a maul that was driven all of 20 metres towards the try line. Not sure who got the ball down, as some say it was Bob, some say Sam however Alberto swears that he got it down. Either way, it was yet another try for the lads.

Sam did eventually get his name on the score board with yet another well worked run that saw him crashing through a number of defensive tackles to make up for his kicking prowess (or lack of)

With a couple of extra changes, seeing Mr. Harmon take to the pitch before his round the world trip and Mr. Low, who had just returned from his adventures in France, the exiles piled even more pressure on the now struggling Varel/Oldenburg team.

Darren pulled one hell of a hand off maneuver (or so he says) and very nearly score (only to be held up over the line). Never fear, Tim was pulling off some fantastic runs, which eventually saw him go over the line. He himself tried to kick for the extra 2 points but failed miserably.

Not to be outdone, the end of the match was finished off with Lenard crashing though the defence to score the 8th try of the day for the exiles.

Second half

Try – Rich
Try – Vlad!!!!
Try – Rich
Try – Bob or could it have been Alberto or Sam??
Try – Sam
Try – Tim
Try – Lenard

Kicking failure – Sam, Tim and could Vlad have missed one too??

Final score

Exiles 40 – Varel Oldenburg 5

I think it was Nils who worked it out afterwards, that if all of the kicks had gone over (even the penalty attempts that I haven’t mentioned here) we would have run out 65 – 5 winners. If only the kicks had gone over!

To be fair, it was one of those games that you would have quite happily paid to watch….. well I would have. It was end to end and packed with action and try’s for the Exiles. No longer will Varel/Oldenburg think that they can gain easy points over us. Score settled in that department.

So next week we have another score to settle, this time against Kiel. Guys, please make yourself available, either by contacting Basti, or by trying out the web page….. Availability can now be done online!! It's Sam’s last game, before he has to head back south. So lets make it a good one for him

If I heard right, it’s a train ride!!!! Magic Man - Mr Low if you please!!!

Huge thanks to those that turn up to watch, and for Big Phil for his graceful decline to take to the pitch in case he got dirty. At least that was one less shirt for Henrik to wash.

Fantastic game, fantastic result



Oh, as always, I, as the author, have the right to amend details to suit. Be that due to that fact that I have no idea what actually went on, or because, bending the truth always produces a better story. At the end of the day, the score line doesn’t lie!!

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