Harrogate Rugby

Harrogate Rugby

Yarnbury Tournament

by Neil Summersall

Vets succumb to Yarnbury All Stars (Ringers!)

Harrogate arrived at the 2012 Yarnbury Vets Tournament with a thread bare squad of just 16 to discover that the format had been shortened and that there were only 4 teams participating; ourselves, Yarnbury Vets, Yarnbury All Stars aka Yarnbury Ringers and the Blues and Royals.

The revised schedule meant that we would all play 3 games and unlike previous years there was to be no final. A tournament with no final?!?!?

The first game saw Harrogate pitched against Yarnbury Ringers and the Ringers strolled to an easy victory barely breaking sweat against a lack lustre Harrogate performance. The only highlights of the game saw Jon Godfrey crash over the line for Harrogate's only score and Ledge throw a punch (was that actually confirmed?) for the first time in 41 seasons. The Lowlight saw the Ringers go uncontested.

Game two saw Harrogate pit their wits against Yarnbury Vets in a reasonably hard fought game. However another try from Jon Godfrey and one from Vinny sealed what was ultimately a comfortable win.

The third and final game saw Harrogate play a 12 man Blues and Royals side in the most social game of the day with B&R's all singing all drinking crowd heckling every Harrogate mistake (of which there were quite a few!) Sloppy Harrogate defending saw B&R's score two individual tries but Harrogate ended up making the extra numbers count and ran in scores from Jon Oates, Graham Cardwell and two from Vinny.

Glenda brought his kicking boots with him and slotted home 6/7 kicks at goal.

Next stop Roundhegians Vets Tournament and a much improved performance required.


Vinny - 3
Jon Godfrey - 2
Oatsey - 1
Graham - 1

Glen - 5
Vinny - 1

Glen - 1

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