Managers Guidance


This Managers Guidance is in the process of being updated and will hopefully be ready for the start of the 12/13 Season.


The information is divided up into the following sections which can be viewed by using the navigation bar to the left.

  • Training / Match Day
  • Finance
  • Discipline
  • Welfare / Volunteers
  • Team Matters
  • Development and Training

Managers should also be aware of the following documents that are available in the Documents Section of the website:-

  • Accident/Incident Report
  • Anti-Discrimination and Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Complaints Procedure
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Club Rules & Constitution
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Disciplinary Procedure
  • Volunteer Application Form

If there is anything that you wish added to the Guidance, or think needs amending,please inform the Club Secretary.

Club Website
Herne Bay Youth Football Club has a interactive Website, that contains contact details, fixtures, results, reports, links to maps, pictures and latest news. It can be viewed at Members can comment on item but any contributions to the club area of the website should be sent to this email address

Managers, or a designated responsible person, of each team is able to update their teams’ website page after requesting administration access. Content will be monitored and inappropriate match reports or comments will be removed, and the team manager informed.

There is also an interactive Club Message Forum where information is posted as a method of spreading information. It is recommended that managers / coaches check the members area once or twice a week to keep up to date with Club news or join in discussions.

Club Ethos
Herne Bay Youth Football Club aims to offer children enjoyment, exercise and an opportunity to improve their playing ability. This is achieved in a safe and encouraging environment which is free from the pressure that a win at all costs approach brings. We strongly believe in the long-term development of children on and off the pitch.. At Herne Bay Youth Football Club managers and parents should promote fair play, respect and teamwork and show a good example to the children playing the game . We aim to build a sense of community spirit and teamwork through participation and social inclusion. We see success as children who have had the chance to make new friends, enjoy the game, feel part of a team and build much needed confidence. This will hopefully result in a lifelong love of the game and good memories of playing Youth football. In order to achieve these aims and continue to attract players, volunteers and sponsors we realise that the reputation of the Club is of the utmost importance. The good name of Herne Bay Youth Football Club is something to be proud of and it is the responsibility of all those associated with the Club to uphold the values that are so important to our continued success.

Where next?

Training / Match Day TRAINING Artificial Pitch – at Herne Bay High School Players are not allowed to arrive more than


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