HCC 2017 Fantasy Cricket

Heyford CC- Fantasy Cricket 2017

Week 16

Heyford 1st vs Rothwell Town 1st

Heyford 1st: 209-5 (45 overs, rain affected)
Jacob Gilder 91
Rory Smallbone 51*

Rothwell 1st: 211-2 (34.1 overs)
James Baldwin 2-30

Brixworth 3rd vs Heyford 2nd

Heyford 2nd: 153-6 (32 overs, rain affected)
Eddie Fowler 76

Brixworth 3rd: 154-5 (29.2 overs)
David Baker 2-25
Jordan Smith 2-33
Rhys Hopkins 1-30

Player of the Week

Jacob Gilder- 108 points

Another great knock from Gilder this week in an otherwise quiet one put him top of the charts.

Manager of the Week

Chris Peck- Who Needs a 10?- 161 points

Gilder and Bakers Matt and Dave won the week for Pecky with a relatively low scoring total.

League Table

A quiet week sees the top 4 as was, with Gemma Peck squeezing Leggie out of 5th.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
Chris PeckTops and Tails156311511
Jane InwoodInwood's Sixers120306522
Lynsey AndersonLynsey's Lovelies158299833
Chris PeckCaptain Caveman64268544
Gemma PeckThe Last Resort153267256

Ladies League Table

Not much change in the Ladies league either with Kelly Rogers and Naomi Legge swapping places in the 4th and 5th respectively.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
Jane InwoodInwood's Sixers120306511
Lynsey AndersonLynsey's Lovelies158299822
Gemma PeckThe Last Resort153267233
Kelly RogersRogers XI125256345
Naomi LeggeNaughties or Noughties?56250054

Players Scores

Gilder puts daylight between himself and Jimmy at the top with Balders hanging on to 3rd. Rory jumps into 4th pushing Leggie out of the top 5.

PlayerRatingGrand TotalValue (total per rating point)AppearancesTotal per appearancePositionPrevious Week
Jacob Gilder9 1033 114.816 64.61 1
James Edwards10 920 92.016 57.52 2
James Baldwin10 699 69.912 58.33 3
Rory Smallbone9 679 75.414 48.54 6
Martyn Cory10 647 64.710 64.75 5

Week 15

Oundle Town 2nd vs Heyford 1st

Oundle Town 2nd: 151 all out (45 overs)
Jacob Gilder 4-38
James Baldwin 3-33
Jimmy Edwards 2-26
Will Cooper-Harris 1-26
Rory Smallbone 2 catches
Oakley Young 1 catch
Simon Legge 1 catch

Heyford 1st: 152-5 (40.1 overs)
Jimmy Edwards 41*, 1 six
Matt Baker 39*
Jacob Gilder 34
Simon Legge 30, 1 six

Heyford 2nd vs Old Wellingburians 2nd

Heyford 2nd: 185-9
Rhys Hopkins 51
Tom Robson 46, 2 sixes
Laurence Buck, 2 sixes

Old Wellinburians 2nd: 147 all out
Conor Robson 3-20
Raphe Young 2-27
Laurence Buck 1-20
Benny Cawley 1-23
Jordan Smith 1-27
Aiden Webster 2 catches
Andrew Taylor 1 catch

Player of the Week

Jimmy Edwards- 99 points

A great week with bat and ball saw Jimmy pip Gilder to the top of the tables for the week.

Manager of the Week

Lynsey Anderson- Lynsey's Lovelies- 362 points

A great week for Lynsey with big hitters Jimmy, Bucka and Gilder along with some tidy bowling by Balders and a catch from Podge.

League Table

Pecky continues to hold off Jane at the top. Lynsey follows closely behind with another of Pecky's teams in 4th. Leggie rounds out an unchanged top 5.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
Chris PeckTops and Tails254295911
Jane InwoodInwood's Sixers305294522
Lynsey AndersonLynsey's Lovelies362284033
Chris PeckCaptain Caveman160262144
Simon LeggeEggs and Baskets180258355

Ladies League Table

Jane has clear water at the top ahead of Lynsey. Gemma is the best of the rest, with Naomi and Kelly continuing to trade places.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
Jane InwoodInwood's Sixers305294511
Lynsey AndersonLynsey's Lovelies362284022
Gemma PeckThe Last Resort206251933
Naomi LeggeNaughties or Noughties?246244445
Kelly RogersRogers XI211243854

Players Scores

Gilder continues to pip Jimmy with those two in a league of their own. Balders and Leggie hop past Cory who had an unusually quiet week.

PlayerRatingGrand TotalValue (total per rating point)AppearancesTotal per appearancePositionPrevious Week
Jacob Gilder9 925 102.815 61.71 1
James Edwards10 909 90.915 60.62 2
James Baldwin10 662 66.211 60.23 4
Simon Legge8 642 80.312 53.54 5
Martyn Cory10 632 63.29 70.25 3

Week 14

Heyford 1st vs Stony Stratford 2nd

Stony Stratford 2nd: 147-3 (33.1 overs)
Shaun Boyson 2-41
Jacob Gilder 1-25
Rob Pardon 1 catch
James Edwards 1 catch
Julian Rice 1 catch

St Crispins and Ryelands 3rd vs Heyford 2nd

Heyford 2nd: 140-4 (34 overs)
Tom Robson 71*
Charles Wilkins 21
Josh Bastin 19

Player of the Week

Tom Robson- 109 points

In a rain affected week Tom Robson's fantastic form shone through. Would have undoubtedly scored a 2nd Heyford century had the innings continued.

Manager of the Week

Harry Rogers- Harry's Hammers- 127 points

Harry once again find himself at the top with Tom Robson and Rob Pardon his only points scorers.

League Table

A quiet week keeps top 5 as was.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
Chris PeckTops and Tails36270511
Jane InwoodInwood's Sixers38264022
Lynsey AndersonLynsey's Lovelies38247833
Chris PeckCaptain Caveman45246144
Simon LeggeEggs and Baskets22240355

Ladies League Table

The same can be said for the ladies' league.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
Jane InwoodInwood's Sixers38264011
Lynsey AndersonLynsey's Lovelies38247822
Gemma PeckThe Last Resort16231333
Kelly RogersRogers XI15222744
Naomi LeggeNaughties or Noughties?3219855

Players Scores

The top 2 are now pulling away with Balders and Cory still battling it out for 3rd place. Leggie stays 5th.

PlayerRatingWeek totalGrand TotalValue (total per rating point)AppearancesTotal per appearanceAppearance (1 or 0)Previous week appearance record (Total)PositionPrevious Week
Jacob Gilder958830 92.221459.2911311
James Edwards1082810 81.001457.8611322
Martyn Cory100611 61.10876.38833
James Baldwin1079602 60.201060.201044
Simon Legge822592 74.001153.821155

Week 13

Wollaston 2nd vs Heyford 1st

Wollaston 2nd: 205 all out (45.5 overs)
Jacob Gilder 5-63
James Edwards 2-50
Martyn Cory 2-58
Will Cooper-Harris 1-21
Matt Baker 2 catches, 2 stumpings
Simon Legge 1 catch
Ben Taylor 1 catch
Ross Cambray 1 catch

Heyford 1st: 110 all out (37.2 overs)
Matt Baker 28
Jacob Gilder 23*
Rory Smallbone 22, 1 six

Heyford 2nd vs Sun Hardingstone 1st

Sun Hardingstone 1st: 258-4
Rhys Hopkins 2-62
Benny Cawley 1-40, 1 catch
Josh Bastin 1-57
Tom Robson 2 catches
Julian Rice 1 catch

Player of the Week

Jacob Gilder- 118 points

A fantastic bowling performance and solid with the bat in an ultimately lost cause.

Manager of the Week

Chris Peck- Who Needs a 10?- 267 points

Points from Gilder, Bakes, DB, Josh and Pete Rice helped another of Pecky's teams top the charts this week.

League Table

Jane moves to within 60 points of Pecky at the top whilst another of Pecky's teams jumps to 4th at Leggie's expense. Lynsey stays 3rd.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
Chris PeckTops and Tails187266911
Jane InwoodInwood's Sixers251260222
Lynsey AndersonLynsey's Lovelies188244033
Chris PeckCaptain Caveman180241647
Simon LeggeEggs and Baskets98238154

Ladies League Table

Jane stays top with Lynsey in 2nd. Gemma Peck jumps to 3rd with Naomi displaced in 5th. Kelly holds onto 4th.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
Jane InwoodInwood's Sixers251260211
Lynsey AndersonLynsey's Lovelies188244022
Gemma PeckThe Last Resort255229736
Kelly RogersRogers XI139221244
Naomi LeggeNaughties or Noughties?68219553

Players Scores

Gilder leap frogs Jimmy to top the table. Cory follows his lead, racing past Balders and Leggie into 3rd.

PlayerRatingWeek totalGrand TotalValue (total per rating point)AppearancesTotal per appearancePositionPrevious Week
Jacob Gilder9 58 816 90.713 62.81 2
James Edwards10 82 788 78.813 60.62 1
Martyn Cory10 0 611 61.18 76.43 5
James Baldwin10 79 602 60.210 60.24 3
Simon Legge8 22 592 74.011 53.85 4

Week 12

Heyford 1st vs Great Oakley 1st

Great Oakley 1st: 181 all out (50 overs)
Jacob Gilder 4-42
Martyn Cory 3-66
Will Cooper-Harris 1-6
Shaun Boyson 1-31
Matt Baker 1 catch, 1 stumping
Joe Clare 1 catch
Adam Linnell 1 run out

Heyford 1st: 183-8 (47.3 overs)
Jimmy Edwards 61*, 2 sixes
Martyn Cory 29, 1 six
Matt Baker 27

Long Buckby 2nd vs Heyford 2nd

Heyford 2nd: 132 all out (36 overs)
Rhys Hopkins 35
Josh Bastin 29
Conor Robson 19

Long Buckby: 136-7 (28 overs)
Conor Robson 3-19
Jordan Smith 2-39
Dave Baker 1-18
Josh Bastin 1-27, 1 catch
Jordan Smith 1 catch
Sean Hopkins 1 catch
Pete Rice 1 catch
Ultimate Tekkers: Josh Bastin and Dave Baker for bowling 5 maidens on the trot with Long Buckby needing just 1 run to win.
Player of the Week

Jimmy Edwards- 121 points

A fantastic knock from the captain who lead his team to victory.

Manager of the Week

Chris Peck- Captain Caveman- 332 points

Contributions from Jimmy, DB, Bakes, Josh and Akkers meant meant Pecky was top dog this week.

League Table

Pecky's lead at the top was cut as Jane Inwood keeps up the pressure. Leggie and Lynsey swap places with Pecky's week winning team creeping into the top 5.

Chris PeckTops and Tails199248211
Jane InwoodInwood's Sixers277235122
Simon LeggeEggs and Baskets237228334
Lynsey AndersonLynsey's Lovelies189225243
Chris PeckCaptain Caveman332223657

Ladies League Table

Jane put some clear daylight between her and Jane this week. Naomi and Kelly cement 3rd and 4th with Gemma Peck jumping into 5th.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
Jane InwoodInwood's Sixers277235111
Lynsey AndersonLynsey's Lovelies189225222
Naomi LeggeNaughties or Noughties?169212733
Kelly RogersRogers XI136207344
Gemma PeckThe Last Resort230204256

Players Scores

Jimmy jumps to the top of the table ahead of Gilder with Balders and Leggie securing 3rd and 4th respectively. Cory smashes his way into the top 5 following a good performance with bat and ball.

PlayerRatingWeek totalGrand TotalValue (total per rating point)AppearancesTotal per appearancePositionPrevious Week
James Edwards10 82 738 73.812 61.51 2
Jacob Gilder9 58 698 77.612 58.22 1
James Baldwin10 79 602 60.210 60.23 3
Simon Legge8 22 569 71.110 56.94 4
Martyn Cory10 0 563 56.37 80.45 6

Week 11

Heyford 1st vs Old Northamptonian's 3rd

Old Northamptonian 3rd: 139 all out (43.1 overs)
James Baldwin 4-51
Jimmy Edwards 3-32
Jacob Gilder 2-23
Oakley Young 2-1, 1 catch
Joe Clare 1 catch
Scott Browne 1 catch
Matt Baker 1 stumping

Heyford 1st: 142-8 (42.4 overs)
Rory Smallbone 36
Scott Browne 21*, 1 six
Will Cooper-Harris 16*

Wellingborough Town 3rd vs Heyford 2nd

Heyford 2nd: 217-4
Tom Robson 106*, 1 six
Sean Hopkins 29
Conor Robson 24
Jordan Smith 19*

Wellingborough Town 3rd: 66 all out

Dave Baker 4-12
Jordan Smith 4-41
Raphe Young 1-6, 1 catch
Rhys Hopkins 1 catch
Conor Robson 1 catch
Sean Hopkins 1 catch

Player of the Week

Tom Robson- 166 points

A stunning debut century in men's cricket for Tom who carried his bat and led the 2nd team to a comfortable win.

Manager of the Week

Harry Rogers- Harry's Hammers- 423 points

Young Harry had a stellar week with Tom Robson, Scott Browne, DB and Balders all contributing good points.

League Table

The top 4 remain where they are with Naomi Legge creeping into the top 5.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
Chris PeckTops and Tails337228311
Jane InwoodInwood's Sixers186207422
Lynsey AndersonLynsey's Lovelies219206333
Simon LeggeEggs and Baskets279204644
Naomi LeggeNaughties or Noughties?319195858

Ladies League Table

Very little change in the ladies league with Jane Inwood and Lynsey Anderson fighting it out for dominance. Naomi Legge and Kelly Rogers switch places with Suzanne Legge rounding out the top 5.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
Jane InwoodInwood's Sixers186207411
Lynsey AndersonLynsey's Lovelies219206322
Naomi LeggeNaughties or Noughties?319195834
Kelly RogersRogers XI275193743
Suzanne LeggeYour Dinner's in the Dog!297185255

Players Scores

Gilder stays top with Jimmy breathing down his neck. Balders' bowling displaces Leggie with Rory remaining in 5th.

PlayerRatingWeek totalGrand TotalValue (total per rating point)AppearancesTotal per appearancePositionPrevious Week
Jacob Gilder9 58 647 71.911 58.81 1
James Edwards10 82 617 61.711 56.12 2
James Baldwin10 79 589 58.99 65.43 4
Simon Legge8 22 532 66.59 59.14 3
Rory Smallbone9 48 527 58.610 52.75 5

Week 10

Heyford 1st vs Irchester 1st

Irchester 1st: 192-6
Jimmy Edwards 2-59
Martyn Cory 1-6, 1 catch
Jordan Smith 1-9
Rob Pardon 1-11
Jacob Gilder 1-58, 1 catch
Rory Smallbone 2 catches

Heyford 1st: 82-10 (32.5 overs)
Scott Browne 25
James Baldwin 18, 1 six
Jacob Gilder 10, 1 six

Great Houghton 2nd vs Heyford 2nd

Great Houghton 2nd: 245-5
Dave Baker 3-48, 1 catch
Aiden Webster 1-19
Raphe Young 1-34
Mark Hobbs 1 catch
Sean Hopkins 1 catch

Heyford 2nd: 149-10 (38.4 overs)
Josh Bastin 36
Pete Rice 32
Dave Baker 15

Player of the Week

Dave Baker- 63 points

In a dismal week for both teams DB crawled over the line to be the top scorer.

Manager of the Week

Chris Peck- Tops and Tails- 182 points

With Jimmy, Balders, Pete Rice, Scott Browne and Gilder all contributing it didn't take much for Pecky to win this award.

League Table

Titles are won in weeks like this, Pecky moves ahead of Jane with Lynsey, Leggie and DB all remaining in situ.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
Chris PeckTops and Tails182194612
Jane InwoodInwood's Sixers78188821
Lynsey AndersonLynsey's Lovelies86184433
Simon LeggeEggs and Baskets122176744
David BakerLast Year Wasn't My Fault46168855

Ladies League Table

The top 5 in the ladies league remain unchanged as the tussle at the top now looks like a two horse race.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
Jane InwoodInwood's Sixers78188811
Lynsey AndersonLynsey's Lovelies86184422
Kelly RogersRogers XI86166233
Naomi LeggeNaughties or Noughties?94163944
Suzanne LeggeYour Dinner's in the Dog!104155555

Players Scores

Gilder reclaims top spot ahead of Jimmy who makes up for Leggie's absence this week. Balders shares 3rd with Simon and Rory remains 5th in a quiet week.

PlayerRatingWeek totalGrand TotalValue (total per rating point)AppearancesTotal per appearancePositionPrevious Week
Jacob Gilder9 40 589 65.410 58.91 1
James Edwards10 28 535 53.510 53.52 3
Simon Legge8 0 510 63.88 63.83 2
James Baldwin10 26 510 51.08 63.84 4
Rory Smallbone9 12 479 53.29 53.25 5

Week 9

Wellingborough Old Grammarians 1st vs Heyford 1st

Wellingborough OGs 1st: 207-7
Rob Pardon 1-32
Martyn Cory 1-38
Will Cooper-Harris 1-39, 1 catch
Jimmy Edwards 1-42
Jacob Gilder 1-54, 3 maidens
James Baldwin 1 catch

Heyford 1st: 211-3 (35 overs)
Jacob Gilder 89
Simon Legge 55
Martyn Cory 54*

Heyford 2nd vs Irchester 2nd

Irchester 2nd: 90-10
Laurence Buck 3-9
Jordan Smith 2-5, 4 maidens, 1 c&b
Rhys Hopkins 2-39
Shaun Boyson 1-6, 5 maidens
Benny Cawley 1-8
David Baker run out, 1 catch
Tom Robson 1 catch
Josh Bastin 1 catch

Heyford 2nd: 91-1 (21.3 overs)
Josh Bastin 56*
Thomas Akrigg 21*

Player of the Week

Jacob Gilder- 133 points

Another great innings does it for Gilder once again.

Manager of the Week

Nick Inwood- Stan's Sloggers- 346 points

Contributions from Gilder, Josh Bastin, Bucka and Balders propelled Stan to top dog status this week.

League Table

Jane snatches top spot from Pecky with Lynsey and Leggie maintaining their 3rd and 4th spots respectively. DB squeaks into the top 5.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
Jane InwoodInwood's Sixers321181012
Chris PeckTops and Tails261176421
Lynsey AndersonLynsey's Lovelies321175833
Simon LeggeEggs and Baskets224164544
David BakerLast Year Wasn't My Fault257164256

Ladies League Table

Jane tops both leagues with Lynsey not far behind. Kelly, Naomi and Suzanne remain unchanged.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
Jane InwoodInwood's Sixers321181011
Lynsey AndersonLynsey's Lovelies321175822
Kelly RogersRogers XI216157633
Naomi LeggeNaughties or Noughties?201154544
Suzanne LeggeYour Dinner's in the Dog!184145155

Players Scores

Gilder snatches top spot from Jimmy who is demoted to 3rd behind last week's centurion Leggie. Balders drops back further in 4th with Rory down three places to 4th.

PlayerRatingWeek totalGrand TotalValue (total per rating point)AppearancesTotal per appearancePositionPrevious Week
Jacob Gilder9 30 549 61.09 61.01 5
Simon Legge8 5 510 63.88 63.82 4
James Edwards10 52 507 50.79 56.33 1
James Baldwin10 84 484 48.47 69.14 3
Rory Smallbone9 127 467 51.98 58.45 2

Week 8

Heyford 1st vs Brixworth 2nd

Heyford 1st: 205-7
Jacob Gilder 53*, 2 sixes
Matt Baker 48, 4 sixes
Rory Smallbone 28, 1 six

Brixworth 2nd: 207-4 (46.4 overs)
Jacob Gilder 2-46
James Baldwin 1-19
Jordan Smith 1-37, 3 maidens
Adam Linnell 2 catches
Matt Baker 1 stumping

Wellingborough Old Grammarians 2nd vs Heyford 2nd

Wellingborough OGs: 139-10
Rhys Hopkins 3-18
Raphe Young 2-17
Josh Bastin 2-24
Andrew Taylor 1-7
Benny Cawley 1-12
Will Cooper-Harris 1-17, 1 catch
Sean Hopkins 3 catches
Charles Wilkins 2 catches

Heyford 2nd: 140-9 (43.1 overs)
Tom Robson 36
Josh Bastin 33
Charles Wilkins 21

Player of the Week

Jacob Gilder- 121 points

An unbeaten half century and couple of tidy wickets was going to be difficult to top this week and so it proved as Gilder's charge for the top of the player rankings began.

Manager of the Week

Jane Inwood- Inwood's Sixers- 241 points

Solid performances from Gilder, Leggie, Jimmy and Matt Baker gave Jane this week's win.

League Table

Chris Peck jumps back to the top of table and Jane follows him up there into 2nd place. Lynsey jumps back into 3rd place whilst Leggie drops down to 4th. Mr consistent Ed Rogers remains in 5th.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
Chris PeckTops and Tails163146713
Jane InwoodInwood's Sixers241146526
Lynsey AndersonLynsey's Lovelies178140137
Simon LeggeEggs and Baskets74139741
Ed RogersJolly Rogers115137955

Ladies League Table

Jane jumps to the top of the ladies league in close contention with Lynsey. Kelly moves up one spot to 3rd while Naomi like dad Simon drops into 4th. Suzanne hangs on to 5th spot.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
Jane InwoodInwood's Sixers241146512
Lynsey AndersonLynsey's Lovelies178140123
Kelly RogersRogers XI130133634
Naomi LeggeNaughties or Noughties?26132041
Suzanne LeggeYour Dinner's in the Dog!105124355

Players Scores

Jimmy and Rory are now tied for the top spot with Balders and Leggie staying put for now. Gilder jumps two places into the top 5.

PlayerRatingWeek totalGrand TotalValue (total per rating point)AppearancesTotal per appearancePositionPrevious Week
James Edwards10 52 467 46.78 58.41 1
Rory Smallbone9 127 467 51.98 58.42 2
James Baldwin10 84 445 44.56 74.23 3
Simon Legge8 5 423 52.97 60.44 4
Jacob Gilder9 30 374 41.68 46.85 7

Week 7

Horton House 2nd vs Heyford 1st

Heyford 1st: 248-4
Simon Legge 101
Rory Smallbone 75*
Adam Linnell 32

Horton 2nd: 252-6 (49.3 overs)
Oakley Young 3-45, 1 catch
Rob Pardon 1-29
Jacob Gilder 1-44
Matt Baker stumping
Simon Legge 1 catch

Heyford 2nd vs Brixworth 3rd

Brixworth 3rd: 196-9
Ed Rogers 2-34, 1 run out
Rhys Hopkins 2-34
Josh Bastin 2-44, 2 catches, 1 run out
Jordan Smith 1-33, 1 catch
Tom Robson 1 catch

Heyford 2nd: 89-10
Pete Rice 24
Joe Clare 18
Josh Bastin 16

Player of the Week

Simon Legge- 163 points

A magnificent century for Leggie puts him top of the pile this week.

Manager of the Week

Graham Baker- Middle of the Road- 295 points

A solid team containing Leggie, Josh Bastin and Matt Baker secured Big G the most points this week.

League Table

Leggie remains on top spot despite a dreadful performance from his team. DB jumps straight into 2nd place with Pecky displaced into 3rd. Naomi jumps one spot to 4th and Ed Rogers round up the 5 with an astonishing 21 places gained this week.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
Simon LeggeEggs and Baskets-8132311
David BakerLast Year Wasn't My Fault111130626
Chris PeckTops and Tails48130432
Naomi LeggeNaughties or Noughties?96129445
Ed RogersJolly Rogers2191264526

Ladies League Table

Naomi holds onto top spot in the ladies league closely followed by Jane Inwood creeping up from 5th and early leader Lynsey pegged down to 3rd. Kelly Rogers showing consistency in 4th with Suzanne dropping down to 5th.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
Naomi LeggeNaughties or Noughties?96129411
Jane InwoodInwood's Sixers215122425
Lynsey AndersonLynsey's Lovelies28122332
Kelly RogersRogers XI196120644
Suzanne LeggeYour Dinner's in the Dog!102113853

Players Scores

Jimmy hangs on to top spot despite a fantastic week from Garry. Balders drops one spot to 3rd with Leggie jumping two into 4th. Cory rounds out the top 5.

PlayerRatingWeek totalGrand TotalValue (total per rating point)AppearancesTotal per appearancePositionPrevious Week
James Edwards10 52 451 45.17 64.41 1
Rory Smallbone9 127 431 47.97 61.62 4
James Baldwin10 84 419 41.95 83.83 2
Simon Legge8 5 398 49.86 66.34 6
Martyn Cory10 302 324 32.43 108.05 3

Week 6

Heyford 1st vs Kislingbury Temperance 1st

Heyford welcomed local rivals Kislingbury to the Playing Fields with the away team having stormed to victory in all of their games so far, aided in no small part by their two (count them, two!) overseas players. Jimmy did what he does best, lost the toss and Heyford were put into field. Jimmy took a couple of overs to settle but quickly took their opener for 2, caught by Linnell. Jimmy followed up with the no. 3 caught by Garry for 11. Heyford's progress was slowed by a 93 run partnership broken by Boyson back in the 1sts this week, taking the opener for 75. The next partnership put on an explosive 87 runs but was halted by the Jimmy-Garry bowler-fielder combo, Kislingbury now on 235-4. Will Cooper-Harris came back for a successful second spell, taking the next wicket via another Linnell catch. He also removed the next man in for 10 leaving Kisl on 295-6 and nearing a big target to chase. Will popped up with another wicket without the batsman troubling the scorers, leaving the no.4 batsman to finish on 127* and Kislingbury having amassed an imposing 303-7 from their 50 overs.

Matt Baker and Linnell opened the Heyford innings, with the latter departing 10 runs later. Bakes was next to fall for 19, leaving Heyford on 42-2. Ben Taylor, back for his first game of the season, couldn't leave a lasting impact on his former team adding only 10 runs to the total. Leggie was occupying the crease well, but could not put together a meaningful partnership with Garry who was out for 0. Rob Pardon followed soon after also for a duck, leaving Heyford 94-5 and a long way from an unlikely victory. The next partnership proved to be the last. A determined captain and an equally determined former chairman saw out the remaining overs despite a furore of ridiculous appeals. Leggie finished on a fine 69* with Jimmy on 27*, meaning Heyford are the first team to deny Kislingbury a division 3 win this season. A lesson perhaps for the visiting team, declare while you're ahead.

Old Wellingburians 2nd vs Heyford 2nd

It is the fixture you have all been waiting for. Dave Baker's hatred for this fixture has been clear to see since his brilliant rant on this page last season and the many subsequent on the Whatsapp group. And so it was that he headed to that dump on the other side of town (a.k.a the Redwell Leisure centre) determined to pick up a second win on the bounce. Heyford were put into field first and what followed was an astonishing display on opening bowling. DB and Jordan opened up with a maiden apiece before DB struck with a wicket maiden taking the opener for 0. Jordan followed up with a double wicket maiden, taking the other opener via a Tom Robson catch and his replacement the next ball for a golden duck. Not wanting to be outdone, Dave pitched in with another couple of wickets in the next over without the batsmen troubling the scorer. A smart piece of fielding brought the next wicket as Josh Bastin and Conor Robson combined to take another batsmen for 0. Dave chipped in with another wicket, taking OWs to 16-7 from only 10 overs. He then completed the 5fer removing the only real resistance that had been showed from this disastrous innings. Not content to stop there, he removed the number 10 as well, leaving Heyford on the brink at 43-9. Bizarrely, the only genuine batsmen in this team seemed to come in at no. 11 and took an immediate liking to DB, carting him for three sixes to slightly ruin his figures which were stood at 19-6 before this late flourish. All in all it was a devastating spell built on pure aggression, the like of which we are unlikely to see from mild-mannered Dave until the return fixture. It was left to Raphe Young to clear up the innings with OWs finishing on 100 all out, at least making Heyford work for their win.

Tom Robson and Josh Bastin were sent to lead the charge in Heyford's response. Tom unfortunately fell for just one run leaving his brother Conor to step in and steal the limelight. A promising partnership of 41 runs was halted when Josh was bowled for 21. Joe Clare could not back up the brilliant batting displayed at the other end, adding only another run to score with Heyford now 51-4. A rare appearance for Pete Rice was also an unusually short one, he could only pick up a couple of boundaries before getting stuck LBW. Sean came and went quickly for a golden duck, bringing older brother Rhys to the crease who had taken the DB mantel of fighting the onslaught of sledging and downright stupid appealing. One particular ball flew past both bat and keeper before the howls went up leading to Rhys having a stern word with the man behind the stumps. One Heyfordian rose above the animosity to deliver a fantastic performance, hitting a 6 from his last scoring shot to not only win the game and bring up his 50 but also to earn hit the ultimate tekkers award this week. Take a bow Conor Robson. Rhys held on to finish 2* and Heyford take the momentum of another handsome win into next week.

Player of the Week

David Baker- 176 points

A bowling performance fueled by pure manic aggression befitting of this fixture earnt Dave a bucket load of points this week.

Manager of the Week

Chris Peck- Who Needs a 10?- 358 points

Chris Peck does it again, this time with a team that were rooted to the bottom of the table last week. Solid scores from Conor Robson and Dave Baker followed up by Matt Baker dragged this team off the canvas to rise 12 places.

League Table

Not too much movement at the top as Leggie clings to top spot for another week followed by Pecky and Rob Pardon. Naomi climbs one place to 4th and DB rounds out the top 5.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
Simon LeggeEggs and Baskets97133111
Chris PeckTops and Tails117125622
Rob PardonWobbly Bobbly97120233
Naomi LeggeNaughties or Noughties?107119845
David BakerLast Year Wasn't My Fault109119556

Ladies League Table

Naomi and Lynsey swap places at the top of ladies league, but the top 5, completed by Suzanne, Kelly and Jane, look set to remain in place with a 180 point gap to the chasing pack.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
Naomi LeggeNaughties or Noughties?107119812
Lynsey AndersonLynsey's Lovelies97119521
Suzanne LeggeYour Dinner's in the Dog!11103633
Kelly RogersRogers XI28101044
Jane InwoodInwood's Sixers217100955

Players Scores

Jimmy and Balders swap places at the top ahead of Cory and Garry. DB joins the top 5 after his great performance this week.

PlayerRatingWeek totalGrand TotalValue (total per rating point)AppearancesTotal per appearancePositionPrevious Week
James Edwards10 52 459 45.96 76.51 2
James Baldwin10 84 419 41.95 83.82 1
Martyn Cory10 302 324 32.43 108.03 3
Rory Smallbone9 127 324 36.06 54.04 4
David Baker9 8 260 28.95 52.05 12

Week 5

Rothwell Town 1st vs Heyford 1st

The 1st XI turned up at Rothwell on the back of another exhilarating batting performance, but were put in to field first. Captain Jimmy got off to the best possible start, removing the opener for a duck. He then took the other opener, also for a duck, via a catch from Linnell, back in the team after a week away. The next pair put on 49 runs before Gilder broke the partnership. It was Gilder again the number 5 batsman, leaving Rothwell reeling on 69-4. Balders struck to make it 5 wickets via a Jimmy catch for the cameras with 100 barely on the scoreboard. Rothwell's no.3 batted to get them back in shape before Balders took his key wicket 4 runs short of his half century, the score now 105-6. Will Cooper-Harris stepped up to take the next wicket with the help of Matt Baker behind the stumps. The next partnership lasted 48 runs and was broken by a run out from Jimmy, not content to watch a big run chase build. Jimmy was at it again, taking a third wicket with Rory taking the catch. With that, Rothwell finished the innings on 200-9, surely slim pickings for a side littered with big hitters in impressive form.

The 2nd innings was a bit shaky to say the least. Balders and Linnell opened up but this time the partnership proved less fruitful, Balders out for 9 with Legge following close behind for a duck. Hero of last week Martyn Cory could not repeat those heroics falling for 2, with Linnell falling shortly after for 9 leaving Heyford 26-4 and looking a long way from home. Rory and Jimmy were next at the crease with the latter departing just 2 runs later. Rory was next to go for 11, leaving the team on 42-6 and most of its batting gone. Matt Baker could only manage 1 run and Will Cooper-Harris fell for the second duck of the innings. Heyford were 48-8 are staring a second defeat square in the face before the heavens opened and ended the match with only 13 overs bowled in their innings. Jimmy will be breathing a sigh of relief as both teams pick up 3 league points.

Heyford 2nd vs St Crispin & Ryelands 3rd

The seconds were back at the playing fields after a drubbing from Pecky and his new mates last time out. Substantially ballasted by bad boy all rounder Shaun Boyson and part-time cricketer full time animal Scott Browne, Heyford were put into field. It wasn't long before Boyson showed his class, taking the opener for 1 run caught by Luca Delfino-Rice. He then picked up a double wicket maiden and an unbelievable tekkers award, one catch each for Scott and DB. Boyson quickly took another wicket, leaving 17-4 Boyson wickets. Not to be outdone, opening partner Jordan took a wicket caught by Sayeedul Haque. DB on as 2nd change took the next wicket caught by Jordan leaving St Crispins on 29-6 and well short of a good target. The next partnership took them some way out of the mire lasting 36 runs before rising star Raphe Young took a wicket via another DB catch. DB followed up a wicket of his own taking the no.3 batsman for 32. That was the last real resistance as Rhys and DB took another wicket a piece including a catch from Hopkins senior to end the innings on 68 runs after just 25 overs. If Heyford needed a gimme after last week they had just been handed one.

Graham Linnell and Scott Browne were tasked with ensuring the chase got off on the right foot, and Scott certainly managed that steering the 1st wicket partnership to 31 runs before Graham was out for 3 runs from an admirable 46 balls. Sayeedul was next to the crease but could add two more as Scott continued to torment the bowlers. Luca came in for a closer view of the fireworks at the other end, finishing on 1*. Scott carried his bat, hitting 61 unbeaten runs including 2 sixes, one of which earned him the unbelievable tekkers for its sheer gravity defying size. A fantastic 30 point win for the 2nds certainly lifted the team's spirits looking ahead to the rest of the season.

Player of the Week

Scott Browne- 129 points

A big batting performance along with 2 catches, one of them a stunner, perched Scott on top spot in his only appearance so far this season.

Manager of the Week

Chris Peck- Tops and Tails- 320 points

Pecky had the first and second best teams for point this week, both containing Scott Browne and Jimmy. Balders and Gilder chipped in with wickets and catches as well ensuring he made the most of a relatively low scoring weekend.

League Table

Leggie stands astride the table having knocked DB from the top spot. Pecky storms in to 2nd place jumping 9 others in the week. Rob Pardon's Wobbly Bobbly look strong and stable in third, whilst Lynsey and Naomi swap places to round out the top 5.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
Simon LeggeEggs and Baskets257123412
Chris PeckTops and Tails3201139211
Rob PardonWobbly Bobbly128110533
Lynsey AndersonLynsey's Lovelies191109845
Naomi LeggeNaughties or Noughties?180109154

In the ladies league a ferocious battle is emerging between the top 3, Lynsey currently with a leg up on Naomi and Suzanne. Kelly and Jane round out the top 5.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
Lynsey AndersonLynsey's Lovelies191109812
Naomi LeggeNaughties or Noughties?180109121
Suzanne LeggeYour Dinner's in the Dog!198102533
Kelly RogersRogers XI16298244
Jane InwoodInwood's Sixers15479255

Week 4

Heyford 1st vs Oundle Town 2nd

Fresh from a strong batting performance the previous week Jimmy won the toss and elected to bat first. With Linnell away, Balders and Jimmy led the Heyford charge. It wasn't long before Jimmy was walking back to pavilion with his tail between his legs having only made 4. Balders followed soon after for 18 having blasted 3 boundaries in quick fashion. Leggie came in at 3 but was bowled for 3, leaving Heyford reeling on 27-3. The next partnership will go down in Heyford history as one of the most destructive ever seen at the playing fields. Martyn Cory and Garry, in at 4 and 5 respectively, began to marmalise the bowling. The stats speak for themselves, Cory raced to 50 and then to a maiden century from just 49 balls, a staggering feat. He continued, ably watched by Garry at the other end, until he was caught for 148 mesmerising runs from 66 balls including a whopping 16 sixes and 8 fours. The partnership was worth 171 runs and had knocked the stuffing from Oundle with Heyford now on 198-4. Gilder stepped up but managed only 6 runs before young gun Conor Robson made a further 12 with Heyford 265-7. Will Cooper-Harris and Rob Pardon added a useful 14 and 8 runs respectively, but their role was supporting another mature performance from Garry who hit his 2nd half century for the season. New boy Dylan Gill and Sayeedul Haque both came and went without troubling the scorers, leaving Garry stranded on 79* and Heyford 306 all out with 6 overs extra to bowl out the opposition and achieve their first win of the season.

Jimmy, fired up from his misfiring batting performance, returned to opening duties and promptly removed the opener for a duck, the batsman caught by Balders. The next partnership frustrated Heyford but was ended by a simple catch from Conor Robson of Jimmy's bowling. Balders then chipped in, taking the opener for 31 caught by Garry, and then the no. 4 caught by Sayeedul Haque, a leg-wobbler as described by those that saw it. With Oundle 88-4, Heyford had the upper hand. The next partnership of 91 halted the progress somewhat until Will Cooper-Harris took a vital wicket, following it up with another before Gilder struck again to take Oundle from 179-4 to 179-7 in a matter of overs. Balders struck again, taking the last recognised batsman with no chance of Oundle making the target. Jimmy followed up with another wicket, leaving Oundle looking home and hosed at 234-9 and Heyford with the extra overs to claim a final wicket. Cory and Rob Pardon stepped up to try and work their magic on the last remaining pair but it was to no avail. Oundle held out to give Heyford only a winning draw.

Sun Hardingstone 1st vs Heyford 2nd

Dave lost the toss, and if he would have his way we would leave the review of this match there. The 2nd team were a little short to say the least, nevertheless Linnell senior and Heyford stalwart Thomas 'Whitty' Whittaker stepped up to opening the batting. They could only manage 4 runs between them, with Joe in at no. 3 following without troubling the scorers. Laurence and Jordan provided the only real resistance in the middle of the innings, hitting 9 runs a piece before being bowled and caught by Ben Miller (not the comedian) and Ben Mellor respectively. Rhys could only add 1 before being run out. Benny Cawley and Aidan Webster unfortunately couldn't add to the runs tally before Dave Baker had the tail wagging. His 14 was the highest score as Graham Young fell for 1 concluding a innings to forget from an under strength side. That left Hardingstone with a target of 48 runs for victory.

DB was determined to give the new blood in the side the opportunity for some much needed bowling practice and rising stars Raphe Young and Benny Cawley bowled admirably given the difficult target to defend. Their bowling alongside Laurence, Jordan and DB and Rhys was eventually fruitless as Hardingstone made the runs without losing a wicket.

Player of the Week

Martyn Cory- 302 points

I have nothing more to add. If you had him in the team, you are now in contention for the manager's trophy.

Manager of the Week

Dave Baker- Last Year Wasn't My Fault

An apt name for this week's winner given the hammering the 2nd team were given this week. Lucky for DB he was top of the table for the fantasy cricket; Cory, Garry and Jimmy did the damage with Laurence also chipping in with some added extras.

League Table

Dave barnstorms his way to the top jumping 13 places in a week. Leggie senior (Simon), Rob Pardon and Leggie junior (Naomi) also climb from 7th, 8th and 16th respectively thanks to Cory's heroics, leaving last week's leader Lynsey teetering on the edge of the top 5.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
David BakerLast Year Wasn't My Fault498984114
Simon LeggeEggs and Baskets43897727
Rob PardonWobbly Bobbly43897738
Naomi LeggeNaughties or Noughties?435911416
Lynsey AndersonLynsey's Lovelies18390751

Namoi hops to the top of the ladies league with Lynsey now in 2nd. Suzanne joins her daughter in the top 5 followed by Kelly and Jane who holds onto 5th place.

ManagerTeamWeekly PointsTotal PointsPositionLast Week
Naomi LeggeNaughties or Noughties?43591115
Lynsey AndersonLynsey's Lovelies18390721
Suzanne LeggeYour Dinner's in the Dog!38682737
Kelly RogersRogers XI449820412
Jane InwoodInwood's Sixers8763852

Week 3

Stony Stratford 2nd vs Heyford 1st

Wanting to put the first couple of games firmly in the back of their minds, Jimmy promptly lost the toss and Heyford were put into bat. Balders and Linnell, the now dependable opening partnership, set off in a hurry. The partnership was broken however when Linnell was caught and bowled by the second change bowler, following two expensive opening spells, for 25. Leggie was next in to sure up the ship and initially played an admiral supporting role to Balders who raced to 66 with three 6s before being caught. Martyn Cory came and went for 10, hitting a maximum in the process. He did also provide some comedy gold in his brief cameo, as a lofted shot from Leggie plugged just out of sight from him prompting Cory to scream at him to run whilst stood next to Leggie as he marked his crease for the next ball. In form Garry then approached the crease and combined with Leggie as the latter passed his half century. Leggie was eventually stumped on 71 and Rory was not in for much longer, caught for 34 having hit a 6 in process. Gilder will be disappointed with his 11 having seen the other Heyford batsmen plunder the bowling and put the team in a commanding position. Captain Jimmy Edwards soon followed him and along with Matt Baker put Stony to the sword. Matt was bowled for 23 with one 6, however Jimmy showed his worth hitting a captains innings of 65* with three 6s. He later said that one of the 6s should have been worth 12 it was that big, and I am

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