Hilton Head Rugby Club

Hilton Head Rugby Club
Touch Rules And The Rules Of Touch

1 year ago

Of course in Rugby there are no Rules, only Laws. These Very Official Laws are grounded in ancient tradition. No modification is tolerated.

Touch Rugby and Rumors of 7's

3 months ago

6:30, Tuesdays and Thursdays in Bluffton. View Item »

My 10 Commandments of Rugby

3 months ago

I've seen lots of these and they always try to be cute and try to sound like commandments. Rugby is too important to joke about. View Item »

Saturday's A Rugby Day!

5 months ago

And a busy one if you're a Hilton Head Old Boy. Lots of rugby opportunities capped off by the Men's team playing the Atlanta Renegades. View Item »

Don't Try This.

6 months ago

Really, don't. You're not that good. View Item »

Old Boys Saturday Touch Game Is Cancelled

6 months ago

Six Nations Rugby is on at Reilleys at noon and Hilton Head Rugby is on for Savannah at 1:00. View Item »

Good luck today, men!

6 months ago

"This looks a good team on paper, let's see how it looks on grass." Nigel Mellville On England's new look against Australia, 1984. View Item »

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