Best place for current information ... 1 year ago

Almost all communication and information has been moved to the Hilton Head Rugby face book page.

Touch Rugby Tonight! 1 year ago

Join the fun!

Waldo Has Joined HHIRFC, Find Waldo. 1 year ago

Where will Waldo play THIS Tuesday? Click on the special link to see.

Secret Touch Location For Tonight Revealed! 2 years ago

The Cabal has decided that the awesomeness that is HHIRFC Touch Rugby should be concealed from all except those that "need to know".

Touch Rugby and Rumors of 7's 2 years ago

6:30, Tuesdays and Thursdays in Bluffton.

My 10 Commandments of Rugby 2 years ago

I've seen lots of these and they always try to be cute and try to sound like commandments. Rugby is too important to joke about.


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