Hilton Head Rugby Club

Hilton Head Rugby Club
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2 months ago

Almost all communication and information has been moved to the Hilton Head Rugby face books page.

Touch Rugby and Rumors of 7's

7 months ago

6:30, Tuesdays and Thursdays in Bluffton. View Item »

My 10 Commandments of Rugby

7 months ago

I've seen lots of these and they always try to be cute and try to sound like commandments. Rugby is too important to joke about. View Item »

Saturday's A Rugby Day!

9 months ago

And a busy one if you're a Hilton Head Old Boy. Lots of rugby opportunities capped off by the Men's team playing the Atlanta Renegades. View Item »

Don't Try This.

10 months ago

Really, don't. You're not that good. View Item »

Old Boys Saturday Touch Game Is Cancelled

10 months ago

Six Nations Rugby is on at Reilleys at noon and Hilton Head Rugby is on for Savannah at 1:00. View Item »

Good luck today, men!

10 months ago

"This looks a good team on paper, let's see how it looks on grass." Nigel Mellville On England's new look against Australia, 1984. View Item »

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