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My 10 Commandments of Rugby

4 years ago By Rick Clanton

I've seen lots of these and they always try to be cute and try to sound like commandments. Rugby is too important to joke about.

Go forth and do these things.

1. Embrace contact- tackling and being tackled. . . good form and mental commitment are the keys.
2. Never go for a dummy . . . if he looks like he's going to pass, hit him to keep him from supporting.
3. Come up on defense together . . . sprinting up too fast leaves as big a gap as not coming up at all.
4. Don't worry about the tackler, he'll find you . . . keep your eyes on the man you're passing to.
5. Low man wins . . . if you're carrying the ball, making the tackle or coming into a ruck.
6. Don't lean on a ruck . . . move the pile or stay out.
7. If you have the ball you should be trying to beat the defense with every fiber of your being . . . if not, get it out of your hands.
8. Only those who know how to kick should . . . and only if they know why.
9. You should always be in the best place to help your team . . . or running to get there.
10. Play tends to drift away from where it started . . understand why this matters and use it to be a more effective player.

Where next?

Touch Rugby and Rumors of 7's 6:30, Tuesdays and Thursdays in Bluffton.
Saturday's A Rugby Day! And a busy one if you're a Hilton Head Old Boy. Lots of rugby opportunities capped off by the Men's team playing the Atlanta Renegades.

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