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Pre Season training pays off for Under 8's

by User 212270

All the hard work was worth it and went to plan.

What a start to the new season, Hindley welcomed Higgingshaw ARLFC today for a late kick off. The game was excellent for both teams each learning loads for future improvement.

From the off Hindley defended well with great line defence from all the team, Creating turnovers so we could attack and gain ground.

Tries by Tom Grundy 3, Edward Thompson 2, James Richardson 1, Matthew Lears 1, Alex Cunliffe 1, Aiden Roscoe 1, Adam Chapman 1 and Lewis Potts 1.

Brilliant runs by Blake Livesey, Jamie Walters, Kyle Egginton and Kian Palmer.

Higginshaw got going and went over three times, which for only their second only match was brilliant. Big thanks to Jim and his team hope you felt welcome lads.

We travel to Higginshaw next week.

Many thanks to James dad Paul for doing reffing at last minute after league referee

Did a runner for some reason!

Brilliant first game for everyone involved and support by relatives was awesome.

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Trophies Award for today’s game

Man of Match: Edward Thompson

Most Improved: Aiden Roscoe

Top Tackler: Adam Chapman (with a Trophy that looks like his Granddad) LOL

Signing Off Andy Potts(Proud as Owt)


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