Hindley ARLFC

Hindley ARLFC

Summer Rugby at Last

by Ian Bishop

Latchford Albion 7 - Hindley 8

Latchford match 2 May 2012

Brilliant venue for the match weather was perfect for once, Chris and his team gave us a warm welcome and good vibes all round.

Match was held on a cricket pitch very nice pitch condition,

Hindley started of strong with excellent set plays and awesome team work. Latchford matched us try for try up to half time it stood 4-5 in our favor.

At the restart the kids carried on as before with keeping Latchford back from our line and again matched us try for try. But Hindley held up and won the match by 1 try.

Tonight trys came from James Richardson 4, Adam Chapman 2, Blake Livesey 1 and Lewis Potts 1.

Excellent run ins from Matthew Lears, Edward Thompson, Alex Cunliffe, Kian Palmer, Jack Lythgoe ( His first ever game) and Kyle Egginnton

Good work by both half backs Kian and Kyle spread the ball out in all angles brilliant performance.

I can't believe how good James Richardson played tonight covering all the field with tackling and try scoring he was like a Billy Whiz sketch!

Adam Chapman did fantastic tackles which saved trys

Man of the Match: James Richardson

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Top Tackler: Adam Chapman

Most Improved: Lewis Potts

Shield: Jack Lythgoe

Big thanks to Chris and Dan from Latchford for today and invited them to ours in the summer break.

Thanks to Gray for his duty on pitch and in training

Last but not least thanks to Loraine Palmer for first aider and you can see footage on the official video! LOL Enough said! shake it baby


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