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  1. Club News 2 months ago

    Training Times 2014 / 2015

    By Nick Kimberley

    Here are the training times for the next season. The first sessions are in the 1st week of September. View News Item »

  1. Members 20 hours ago
  2. Match Report 4 days ago
    Ladies Hotstars
  3. Club News 4 days ago

    Change to Colts Training Time for 21st September

    By Stephen Watson

    Change to Colts Training Time for 21st September. View News Item »

  4. Match Report 5 days ago
    Ladies 2nd Team
  5. Members 5 days ago
  6. Club News 16 days ago

    Men's fixture changes on 6th September

    By Nick Kimberley

    Please note that there have been some fixture changes for the men's teams on Saturday. View News Item »

  7. Men's Hobblers News 16 days ago
    Men's Hobblers
  8. Club News 21 days ago

    New stick buying guide

    By Nick Evans

    Need a new stick but don't know what to buy? View News Item »

  9. Photo Album 22 days ago
  10. Club News 24 days ago

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