Horsham Hockey Club

Horsham Hockey Club
West Sussex
RH12 1TE
View with Google Maps Tel: 01403 254628

Broadbridge Heath (BBH)

Farlington School (FAR)

Millais (MIL)

The Weald School (WLD)

Key Contacts

President Hugh Thomas 01273 832700 Send email
Chair Nick Evans 07740 096123 Send email
Secretary Nick Kimberley 01403 259731 07787 447489 Send email
Treasurer Steph White 07802 695188 Send email
Membership Secretary Sue Crake 07969 044283 Send email
Webmaster Stephen Watson 01403 259008 07766 390877 Send email

Ladies Section

Ladies' Club Captain Charlotte White
Ladies 1st Team Team Manager Jane Denman 07545916913 Send email
Ladies 1st Team Captain Hannah Simpson
Ladies 2nd Team Captain Jo Humphreys
Ladies 3rd Team Captain Rachel Humphreys 07788 560729 Send email
Ladies 4th Team Captain Lucy Bates 07834374391 Send email
Ladies 5th Team Captain Leigh Hawkins 07763 354779 Send email
Ladies Hotstars Manager Tracy Marsden 07802 735063 Send email
Umpire Coordinator Steve Fuller 01403 269 362 07510 355 742 Send email

Mens' Section

Men's 1st Team Captain Andrew Isaacs Send email
Men's 2nd Team Captain Ian Brown Send email
Men's 3rd Team Captain Michael Smith 07871552666 Send email
Men's 5th Team Captain Stephen Upson 07531421158 Send email
Men's Hotshots Manager Lorraine Harvey 01403 218165 07716810314 Send email
Men's Hobblers Captain Bob Mitchell
Umpire Coordinator Steve Fuller 01403 269 362 07510 355 742 Send email

Junior Section

Junior Child Welfare Officer Lucy Bates 07834374391 Send email
Junior Head Coach Brian Humphreys Send email
Colts Coordinator Jo Humphreys
Girl's U18s Coach Joanne Humphreys 07711 826765 Send email
Boy's U18s Coach Jerry Chinn Send email
Boy's U12s Manager Sandrine Yeates 07788 993917 Send email
Girl's U10s Team Manager Susan Chinn Send email
Mixed U8s Team Admin Susan Chinn Send email
Girl's U12's Coach Adrian Vickery

Men's 4th Team Officials

Men's 4th Team Team Admin Edwin Graham 07747341255 Send email

Other Officials

Ladies 3rd Team Team Admin Kevin Murphy 07901918428 Send email
Boy's U14s Coach Mark Beard 07771 743 775 Send email
Boy's U16s Assistant Coach Alistair Cardwell Send email
Kit and Equipment Officer Dominick Male
Ladies 1st Team Coach Ben Allberry
Ladies 2nd Team Coach Johnny Dale
Men's 3rd Team Team Admin Lawrence McGraghan
Ladies 2nd Team Team Admin Karen Jones
Ladies 2nd Team Team Admin Jill Ireland


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