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Men's 3rd Team - Match centre

Horsham Mens' 3s
Littlehampton Mens 1st XI
Sat 18 Oct 12:30 - League Full time Attendance 42

Horsham 4-2 Littlehampton

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It was a slow start on Saturday morning, even before the match had started. An incident with a local streaker had delayed the previous match up, meaning that Horsham 3's would have to wait that little bit longer to see if their goal line could remain uncrossed for yet another week. Drill Sergeant Bean Crossley put the boys through their paces for the warm up, seeing a rather sleepy looking Horsham wake up with a fright.

Pushback eventually came and Horsham started with the confidence and tenacity that you would expect from any team on the back of a 3 game winning streak. A heavy tackle happened almost immediately involving all round good guy, Stephen Grout and an opposing individual which led to an exchanging of words, not for the ears of young ones.

Some smooth passing and quick movement up front lead to several clear cut chances. However, despite all of the impressive build up play they could not find that crucial break through that would put them ahead.
Horsham managed to pull together a short corner, which was guided off of the line by a Littlehampton foot for a long corner. Not 100% satisfied with this decision, Horsham sent in their top negotiator Billy Billington to let them know whats what. Long story short it was decided to be a Littlehampton ball for a 16.

A few semi decent passes from Little Hampton saw them earn themselves a short corner, which, much to the Courgette Colonel, Mikey Campbell's dismay, they managed to convert.

The faces of some of the players would paint a picture of that season being over. Many of them left dreaming of Nick Crawleys' facial hair just so they had something to smile about.

The half time whistle blew and Horsham huddled up in the D to see what this weeks coach, Beany, could advise. It was decided that as a whole we needed to use more space, and the forward line needed to use the width of the pitch. The need to go wider that Rick Waller is an understatement.

Possible disaster struck shortly in to the second half... A Littlehampton attacker had broken through the defensive lines of Horsham and was running along the baseline. An explorative Tom Surridge chose to rush out and meet this lonely visitor, trying to close down the angle. The attacker some how dropped the ball back to the top over the D. Leaving an open goal and a clear opportunity. Te player looked up and decided to arrogantly flick the ball at the open goal, and Horsham hearts all sank... until, in a burst of vegetative energy, Colonel Courgette raised his stick and sent the lifted shot high and wide, after neing head to allegedly shout "YOU SHALL NOT PASS".

It was with the half time advice that Horsham managed to smother the LittleHamptons half to earn another short corner. This lead to a few light-hearted passes in the D, followed by a shot on goal straight in to a defenders foot on the line. Billy lined up to argue that it should be a P flick, however was not needed, as this weeks competition winner, and therefore Umpire Roller, had already given clear signal for the Flick.

Spiers stepped up to the plate, staring down at the bottom right corner. The memories of last seasons' miss all came flooding back, before he shook them off, and placed the ball clear on the left to bring Horsham back to the game.

Littlehampton did not want to make it easy for them though. And when the captain gave away a free hit just outside the D, Horsham made the near fateful error of switching off. While the returning Celtic legend, Dave Perrys' back was turned, Littlehampton strolled into the D and put the ball away.

With a renewed sense of purpose Horsham attacked without reservation, and some quick movement off a free hit, from Billy gave himself enough time to play the ball across from the right, for the teams security guard, Stephen Grout to find the goal between the keepers feet.

At 2-2 the game was still in the balance, Littlehampton still had some fight left. Once again blows where traded. But Horsham, with some strong defending and some graceful movement up front, saw Spiers put the ball as far to the right of the goal without missing, making it 3-2.
Almost immediately after Littlehampton started the play again, the ball was fed, through the incredible dummy of Grout, to the flash of ginger diversity of Sam Kimberly. kimbo finding himself in a one on one reached the edge of the D, only to hear the call from Spiers who had caught up using the speed of an old man with a new bus pass. Kimbo performed a beautiful reverse lift over the keeper for Spiers to slip the ball in to the goal, and shriek with joy like a cat with fresh milk.

To their credit, Littlehampton kept trying to find away back into the game. However, all their attempts at finding away through just led to more frustration, a fact that was clear in their lumberjackish tackling.

For the last few minutes the sound of stick clashing was even louder than Beanie on the side lines.

Horsham were award several Short Corners in the last minutes of the game, when Littlehamptons frustration was clearly illustrated, when a defenders retort was met with a stiff yellow card.

The final whistle blew, and with that, one of the Littlehampton players decided that now was the opportunity to let Grout have a piece of his mind. Palming him to the face, Grout displayed brilliant football talent of not retaliating, but sitting like a sneezing panda. Tempers running high, Spiers ran on to the pitch to display yet even more heroism by seeing the Littlehampton lad walk away and helping the damsel in distress from the floor.

It had been a firework display of emotions and all 11 of the spectators were buzzing after this match up.
The Horsham boys had proven yet again that keeping a clear head and playing for the full 70 minutes will always see a victory, both moral, and literal. Horsham 3s are not scheduled to play at Millais, the Sahara of Horsham, again until after Christmas. No word on how the builders feel about this yet.

Teas were Pasta bake and salad cream, along with many a beer and some accompanying stories.
Man of the Match - Mikey Moussaka Campbell
D of the Day - Grouty for being assaulted

Goals - Spiers
- Grout
- Spiers
- Spiers

Assists - Sam K
- Billy

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