1st Team - Match centre

Aston Hall
Houghton Main
Sat 21 Apr 12:30 - League

hmcc v aston


well the season started well for the 1st/2nd that attended saturday. in that meaning theres no one safe now from the drop to the dreaded stiffs. which urn will be trying to stop from finishing bottom of the duggie league. i for 1 am fighting for my 1st team place and a shock no3 come to me as a big surprise. but hay lets talk about the best start to the prem i,v known. well it all started wi a kid wi a massive head losing the toss. summat were used to as hmcc. so all set of bad, but then summat happened that i'm not used to a opening stand. maybe it was because it wa 2 new players opening the batting and dint realise were normally 50 for 5 after 10 overs. not sur on the stats ali got out after a steady stand with what can only be called new houghton hero izzy??? fookin nuts that lad,so after the shock of giving me some responsibility strode to the crease. and decided to take note of what the former skipper said. it about time you took controll. so as the bowler ran in and thinking to myself just defend juat defend. the ball left his hand and i swung like a mad man as ususl. izzy walked down the track and told me his undefing love for the way i play cricket so i decided to carry on. only to get bowled for a quick 19. then he strode the new messiah. the only man to have a head as big as urn. there players couldn'd beleve it could happen. but yes another massive headed captain from hmcc. izzy just steady away running 1 2 and 3. yeh a houghton player running 3s. the skipper and new messiah out for 25. hmcc about 100 for 3. then came back aston with the magical bowling of tingle (got to say that he's my midweek captain) and butt plug. to smash the houghton tail to bits. 163 ao (wankers)so of to tea we go talking that 160 would be plenty wi our new look bowling attack. after feeding liam wi some raw meat and tanning cream i give him the houghton raw. if tha dunt bowl thee's mothers out i'm f..k..g you in the showers after the match and big urns following me? which seemeed to do the trick he ripped into aston like a new box of tanning cream. the skipper keeping it tight at the other end the main were doing well. 20 for2 30 for 3 40 for 4 50 for5 well you should get where this is going. fat head eventually deciced to take him self of after a catch that i can only say shoul'd have been mine but seeing it go up in the air of the aussie decided to shout IANS cause a bowler never drops 1 of his own bowling.then steps the houghtons vittori 8 immaculate overs from our new spin king illias 8 overs 3 for 10 top stuff. then the bronz god returned to clean up and the main had a massive win wi alot of impressive contributions izzy 56 and a new legdand fat head 25 dad to be 19 massive member ben 17. joey essex 4 for illias 3 for sod all and elliott bowling wi control to take 2. astons top scorer being extras and the main winning easy. and looking like a team of players that looked like they enjoyed playing together. and now having a full first team squad that will have to fight for there place.


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