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H&D Club Calendar 2018

5 years ago By Steve Chiverton

Here's The Best Way To Find Out What's Going On At The Club During The Next Few Months .


Sun 18thH&D 'C' vs Braishfield6pmRomsey CS
Mon 19thH&D U9s & 11s Colts Training6-7.15pmNoadswood School
Mon 19thH&D U13s & 16s Colts Training7.30-8.45pmNoadswood School
Wed 21stH&D Pre Season Senior Nets7pmAgeas Bowl
Sun 25thH&D 'A' vs Soton Community A5.15pmFleming Park
Sun 25thH&D 'B' vs Sway6.15pmFleming Park
Sun 25thH&D 'C' vs Wellow8.15pmRomsey CS


Sun 1stRomsey Cup Q-F6-9pmRomsey CS
Wed 4thH&D Pre Season Senior Nets7pmAgeas Bowl
Sun 8thRomsey Plate Q-F6-9pmRomsey CS
Wed 11thFinal H&D Pre Season Senior Nets7pmAgeas Bowl
Sat 14thSteeple Langford vs H&D Sun XI1.30pmSP3 4ND
Sun 15thTotton & Eling vs H&D Sun XI1pmSO40 8RW
Sun 15thRomsey Cup & Plate S-F6-9pmRomsey CS
Mon 16thOutdoor Colts Training6.30-8pmJones Lane
Sat 21stH&D 1st XI vs Fair Oak1pmJones Lane
Sat 21stCurdridge vs H&D 3rd XI1.30pmSO32 2HE
Sun 22ndH&D Sun XI vs Railway Triangle1pmJones Lane
Sun 22ndRomsey Cup & Plate Finals6-9pmRomsey CS
Mon 23rdOutdoor Colts Training6.30-8pmJones Lane
Sat 28thH&D 1st XI vs Sway1pmJones Lane
Sat 28thFollands II vs H&D 2nd XI1pmFollands Park
Sat 28thKingston Lacy vs H&D 3rd XI1.30pmBH21 4ED
Sun 29thH&D Sun XI vs Coombe Bissett1.30pmJones Lane
Mon 30thOutdoor Colts Training6.30-8pmJones Lane


Tues 1stOutdoor Senior Training6.30-8pmJones Lane
Fri 4thH&D U9s vs Lymington6.30pmJones Lane
Sat 5thH&D 1st XI vs Alton II1pmJones Lane
Sat 5thSparsholt II vs H&D 2nd XI1pmSO21 2LU
Sat 5thH&D 3rd XI vs Lymington III1pmQE2
Sat 5thRingwood II vs H&D 4th XI1pmBH24 1JD
Sun 6thH&D U11s vs New Milton 2s10.30amJones Lane
Sun 6thBashley Rydal vs H&D U16s10.30amBH2S 5RY
Sun 6thH&D Sun XI vs Hospital Services2pmJones Lane
Mon 7thH&D XI vs Soton Uni1pmJones Lane
Tue 8thOutdoor Colts Training6.30-8pmJones Lane
Thu 10thH&D U13s vs Fawley6.30pmJones Lane
Fri 11thFawley vs H&D U9s6.30pmWaterside Club
Sat 12thEaston & MW vs H&D 1st XI1pmSO21 1EN
Sat 12thH&D 2nd XI vs Pylewell Park1pmJones Lane
Sat 12thH&D 3rd XI vs Fawley II1pmQE2
Sat 12thVerwood II vs H&D 4th XI1pmBH21 6RS
Sun 13thH&D U16s vs Langley Manor 2s10.30amJones Lane
Sun 13thLymington 2s vs H&D U11s10.30amTBC
Sun 13thH&D Sun XI vs Wimbourne2pmJones Lane
Mon 14thOutdoor Colts Training6.30-8pmJones Lane
Tue 15thOutdoor Senior Training6.30-8pmJones Lane
Thu 17thBransgore vs H&D U13s6.30pmBH23 8AA
Fri 18thH&D U9s vs Bashley Rydal6.30pmJones Lane
Sat 19thH&D 1st XI vs Hook & N.B II1pmJones Lane
Sat 19thIBM Hursley vs H&D 2nd XI1pmSO21 2JN
Sat 19thBrockenhurst vs H&D 3rd XI1pmSO42 7ZB
Sat 19thBurley II vs H&D 4th XI1pmBH24 4AP
Sun 20thH&D U16s vs New Milton10.30amJones Lane
Sun 20thFawley vs H&D U1110.30amWaterside Club
Sun 20thBurley vs H&D Sun XI2pmBH24 4AP
Mon 21stOutdoor Colts Training6.30-8pmJones Lane
Tue 22ndOutdoor Senior Training6.30-8pmJones Lane
Thu 24thCup ~ H&D U13s vs Lymington6.30pmJones Lane
Fri 25thCup ~ H&D U9s vs O.T's & Romsey6.30pmJones Lane
Sat 26thParley vs H&D 1st XI1pmSO21 1EN
Sat 26thH&D 2nd XI vs Whiteparish1pmJones Lane
Sat 26thNew Milton IV vs H&D 4th XI1pmBH25 5SU
Sun 27thCup ~ Lymington vs H&D U16s10.30amTBC
Sun 27thCup ~ Paultons vs H&D U11s10.30amSO51 6AJ
Sun 27thWoodys Cricket Tournament1pmJones Lane
Mon 28thH&D Fete Day10amJones Lane
Tue 29thH&D XI vs Bexley Park3pmJones Lane


Sat 2ndH&D 1st XI vs Ropley1pmJones Lane
Sat 2ndBurley vs H&D 2nd XI1pmBH24 4AP
Sat 2ndParley II vs H&D 3rd XI1pmBH1 4NN
Sat 2ndH&D 4th XI vs Bashley Rydal V1pmQE2
Sun 3rdH&D U11s vs New Milton 1s10.30amJones Lane
Sun 3rdFawley vs H&D U16s10.30amWaterside Club
Sun 3rdDownton vs H&D Sun XI2pmSP5 2LU
Sun 3rdTW Cup~ H&D Sun 2nd XI vs Sway2.30 pmJones Lane
Mon 4thCup H&D 2nd XI vs Sway II6.15pmJones Lane
Tue 5thOutdoor Colts Training6.30-8pmJones Lane
Thu 7thH&D U13s vs Pylewell Park 2s6.30pmJones Lane
Thu 8thH&D XI vs Eastbourne Downs2pmJones Lane
Fri 8thBrockenhurst 2s vs H&D U9s6.30pmSO42 7ZB
Sat 9thShrewton vs H&D 1st XI1pmSP3 4JU
Sat 9thH&D 2nd XI vs Amesbury1pmJones Lane
Sat 9thH&D 3rd XI vs Calmore Sports III1pmQE2
Sat 9thSuttoners II vs H&D 4th XI1pmBH10 7EZ
Sun 10thH&D U16s vs Langley Manor10.30amJones Lane
Sun 10thBashley Rydal 2s vs H&D U11s10.30amBH25 5RY
Sun 10thH&D Sun XI vs Braishfield2pmJones Lane
Sun 10thTW Cup~ Langley Manor vs H&D Sun 2nd XI2.30 pmKnellers Lane
Mon 11thOutdoor Colts Training6.30-8pmJones Lane
Tue 12thOutdoor Senior Training6.30-8pmJones Lane
Thu 14thNew Milton vs H&D U13s6.30pmBH25 5SU
Fri 15thH&D U9s vs Pylewell Park 2s6.30pmJones Lane
Sat 16thH&D 1st XI vs Hursley Park1pmJones Lane
Sat 16thMottisfont vs H&D 2nd XI1pmSO51 0LR
Sat 16thPylewell Park 2s vs vs H&D 3rd XI1pmSO41 5SJ
Sat 16thH&D 4th XI vs East Christchurch1pmQE2
Sun 17thH&D U11s vs Bransgore10.30amJones Lane
Sun 17thH&D Sun XI vs Exbury2pmJones Lane
Mon 18thCup ~ H&D 1st XI vs Bashley/New Milton6.15pmJones Lane
Tue 19thOutdoor Colts Training6.30-8pmJones Lane
Thu 21stBransgore 2s vs H&D U13s6.30pmBH23 4JE
Fri 22ndNew Milton vs H&D U9s6.30pmBH25 5SU
Sat 23rdH&D 1st XI vs Ryde1pmJones Lane
Sat 23rdStockbridge vs H&D 2nd XI1pmSO20 6JF
Sat 23rdH&D 3rd XI vs Hyde1pmQE2
Sat 23rdBransgore II vs H&D 4th XI1pmBH23 4JE
Sun 24thH&D U16s vs Totton & Eling10.30amJones Lane
Sun 24thPylewell Park vs H&D U11s10.30amSO41 5SJ
Sun 24thH&D Ladies Tournament1pmJones Lane
Mon 25thOutdoor Colts Training6.30-8pmJones Lane
Tue 26thOutdoor Senior Training6.30-8pmJones Lane
Thu 28thH&D U13s vs Bashley Rydal6.30pmJones Lane
Sat 30thLongparish vs H&D 1st XI1pmSP11 6PR
Sat 30thH&D 2nd XI vs Farley1pmJones Lane
Sat 30thH&D 3rd XI vs Ferndown Way II1pmQE2


Sun 1stH&D U11s vs Pylewell Park10.30amJones Lane
Sun 1stLymington vs H&D U16s10.30amTBC
Sun 1stTW Cup ~ H&D Sun 2nd XI vs Langley Manor2.30pmJones Lane
Mon 2ndOutdoor Colts Training6.30-8pmJones Lane
Tue 3rdOutdoor Senior Training6.30-8pmJones Lane
Thu 5thPylewell Park vs H&D U13s6.30pmSO41 5SJ
Fri 6thH&D U9s vs Beaulieu6.30pmJones Lane
Sat 7thUnited Services vs H&D 1st XI1pmPO1 2EJ
Sat 7thH&D 2nd XI vs Ellingham1pmJones Lane
Sat 7thChristchurch vs H&D 3rd XI1pmBH23 6DY
Sat 7thFawley III vs H&D 4th XI1pmWaterside Club
Sun 8thH&D U16s vs Sway10.30amJones Lane
Sun 8thNew Milton B vs H&D U11s10.30amBH25 5SUWaterside Club
Sun 8thH&D Sun XI vs Phoenix2pmJones Lane
Mon 9thOutdoor Colts Training6.30-8pmJones Lane
Tue 10thOutdoor Senior Training6.30-8pmJones Lane
Thu 12thH&D U13s vs Sway6.30pmJones Lane
Fri 13thBrockenhurst vs H&D U9s6.30pmSO42 7ZB
Sat 14thH&D 1st XI vs Bishops Waltham1pmJones Lane
Sat 14thBramshaw II vs H&D 2nd XI1pmSO43 7HG
Sat 14thBreamore vs H&D 3rd XI1pmSP6 2EF
Sat 14thH&D 4th XI vs Sway III1pmQE2
Sun 15thH&D U11s vs Lymington B10.30amJones Lane
Sun 15thCalmore Sports vs H&D U16s10.30amSO40 2RN
Sun 15thH&D Sun XI vs Merlin2pmJones Lane
Sun 15thTW Cup~ Sway vs H&D Sun 2nd XI2.30 pmTBC
Mon 16thOutdoor Colts Training6.30-8pmJones Lane
Tue 17thOutdoor Senior Training6.30-8pmJones Lane
Thu 19thLymington vs H&D U13s6.30pmTBC
Fri 20thH&D U9s vs Pylewell Park6.30pmJones Lane
Sat 21stFareham & Crofton vs H&D 1st XI1pmPO16 0DH
Sat 21stH&D 2nd XI vs Bournemouth III1pmJones Lane
Sat 21stH&D 3rd XI vs Lyndhurst1pmQE2
Sat 21stEllingham II vs H&D 4th XI1pmBH24 3RN
Sun 22ndH&D Sun XI vs Eastbourne Martletts1pmJones Lane
Mon 23rdColts End of Season Barbeque6.30-8pmJones Lane
Tue 24thOutdoor Senior Training6.30-8pmJones Lane
Wed 25thT20 ~ H&D XI vs Pennington6pmJones Lane
Sat 28thH&D 1st XI vs Rowledge1pmJones Lane
Sat 28thHursley Park III vs H&D 2nd XI1pmSO21 2JL
Sat 28thGodshill vs vs H&D 3rd XI1pmSP6 2LN
Sat 28thH&D 4th XI vs Brockenhurst II1pmQE2
Sun 29thH&D Sun XI vs Lyndhurst2pmJones Lane
Tue 31stH&D XI vs Polegate & Stonecross3pmJones Lane


Sat 4thAndover II vs H&D 1st XI1pmSP10 1HR
Sat 4thH&D 2nd XI vs Sway II1pmJones Lane
Sat 4thH&D 3rd XI vs Mudeford II1pmQE2
Sat 4thLyndhurst II vs H&D 4th XI1pmBoltons Bench
Sun 5thH&D Sun XI vs TBC2pmJones Lane
Sat 11thH&D 1st XI vs O.T's & Romsey II1pmJones Lane
Sat 11thSouthampton Travs vs H&D 2nd XI1pmSO16 8FA
Sat 11thNew Milton III vs H&D 3rd XI1pmBH25 5SU
Sat 11thH&D 4th XI vs Mudeford III1pmQE2
Sun 12thH&D Sun XI vs Peartree2pmJones Lane
Sat 18thBurridge II vs H&D 1st XI1pmSO31 1BS
Sat 18thH&D 2nd XI vs Paultons II1pmJones Lane
Sat 18thH&D 3rd XI vs Beaulieu1pmQE2
Sat 18thBournemouth IV vs H&D 4th XI1pmBH23 6RD
Sun 12thH&D Sun XI vs TBC2pmJones Lane
Sat 25thSt.Cross Syms III vs H&D 1st XI1pmSO23 9SD
Sat 25thH&D 2nd XI vs Winton II1pmJones Lane
Sat 25thBashley Rydal IV vs H&D 3rd XI1pmSO41 0RP
Sat 25thH&D 4th XI vs Dorset Indians1pmQE2
Sun 26thPresidents vs Chairmans Day11amJones Lane


Sat 1stH&D XI vs Knights Valley1pmJones Lane
Sun 2ndH&D Sun XI vs Newton Poppleford1pmJones Lane
Fri 7thH&D XI vs Whitchurch4pmJones Lane
Sat 8thH&D XI vs Rackenford1pmJones Lane
Sun 9thH&D Sun XI vs Braishfield1pmJones Lane
Sun 16thH&D Sun XI vs Burley1pmJones Lane
Sun 23rdLyndhurst vs H&D Sun XI1pmBoltons Bench
Sun 30thI.B.M South Hants vs H&D Sun XI1pmSO32 2JY
Sun 30thWestbourne vs H&D Sun XI1pmCommonside

Updated 21:47 - 19 Mar 2018 by Steve Chiverton

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Sat 25 Aug
League 13:00
Second XI Winton II
League 13:30
Third XI Bashley Rydal IV
League 14:00
Fourth XI Dorset Indians
League 14:00
Sun 26 Aug
Sunday & Midweek XI Presidents vs Chairmans Day
Friendly 11:00
Sat 1 Sep
Sunday & Midweek XI Knights Valley
Friendly 13:00

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