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By STEPHEN MIDDLETON | 10th November 2010

Dovedale Dash Report

External Chamois Executive takes the Under 12s Dash!

On a wonderful fresh Sunday morning Ilkeston Rufc under 12s in conjunction with a number of the junior teams took part in the annual ‘Dovedale Dash’ held at Thorpe in Derbyshire to raise valuable funds.

A clear performance strategy had been laid out by the coaches which involved a ‘pack movement’ around the course however once the race started this was thrown out of the window as all the youngsters shot off to compete with the running club members.

The expected arrival of taxi’s/helicopters failed to materialise much to ever bodies disappointment. Within the first five minutes all competitors had either taken the first obstacle across the river via the stepping stones (Boring) or the eventful waist high push through the fast flowing river.

Over the next four miles each runner experienced numerous water obstacles, risk of lost footwear, mud up to their neck, walkers moving quicker than our running, and the ONE hill. This one hill turned out to consist of over six hills spread at the point where you are always at your most tired!!

Everybody completed the 4 ¾ miles within a very reasonable time all and felt very proud of what they had achieved.

The finishing positions (As I can remember!) From a field of over 1,650 participants:-

Gareth ‘ECE’ Norris – Finished mid 200th.
Tom ‘Whippet’ Caines – Finished 938th.
Joseph ‘Steady’ Doughty – Finished 1048th.
Steve ‘It’s all about self preservation’ Middleton
Jason ‘Easy run if fit’ Caines
Jon ‘Luke’s clothes horse’ Doughty
Luke ‘The stripper’ Moore
Kevin ‘Joke shirt’ Greenfield
Ben ‘Aliens must die!’ Middleton
Zack ‘I’m not wearing my gum shield’ Lebeter
Cameron ‘Chuckle brother 1’ Greenfield
Aidan ‘Chuckle brother 2’ Norris
Liz ‘The Babysitter’ Middleton
Jakson ‘Tom Daley’ Horton
Lawrence ‘Mud Pack’ Ah Weng
Jordan ‘Waterboy’ Pritchett
Conor ‘Chatterbox’ Corrigan
Jason ‘Gareth where’s the pub?’ Pritchett
Jordan ‘Brotherly Love’ Rathbone
John ‘Where’s my helicopter’ Rathbone
Donna ‘Bringing up the rear’ Rathbone

Thanks very much for all the supporters, Steve & Elaine, Jakson’s family, Lorraine & Simone and Frank.

Well done to all and thanks for raising sponsorship funds. Great turn out as normal.

Next years race is Sunday the 6th of November. No birthday’s that day and unless we have an arranged NLD match the rugby training session will be held at Thorpe and will be mandatory!!

Jon Doughty

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