Inverurie Loco Works FC


Aberdeen Daily Journal, Monday, August 25, 1902.
A well attended meeting of the employees of the workers in the employment of the Great North of Scotland Railway was held in the Railway Works Hall, Constitution Street, Inverurie, on Friday evening for the purpose of forming a football club. Discussion having been invited by the chairman as to whether the old club should be reformed, or a new club started to include all departments. It was agreed unanimously to form a new club to be called the Inverurie Locomotive Works Football Club.
The following office bearers were then elected:- Captain, Alex Munro; vice-captain, Joseph Glass; secretary and treasurer, William Paterson; match secretary, John Cruickshank, 2 King Street, Inverurie; and a committee of management. Consideration of joining the district leagues was left over. About 40 members joined at the close of the meeting.

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History 2 Inverurie Locomotive Works Club Aberdeen Daily Journal, Friday August 21, 1903, p9 Inverurie Locomo