Scottish International Tickets Sales

Scottish Rugby has recently introduced a simplified way for clubs to earn commission through the sale of Scotland match tickets. This new development uses the existing Scottish Rugby On-Line Ticket Centre, but in such a way that allows us to continue to earn valuable commission on the sale of tickets through our club members.

How Does It Work?

Every Club in Scotland is being provided with its own unique URL (i.e. website address) to gain access to the Scottish Rugby On-Line Ticket Centre. This is virtually identical to the existing On-Line Ticket sales process so if you currently use this method of purchase you won't notice any difference. However, as soon as you enter the site using the web address on this email/letter, the system will automatically match your purchase against our club and immediately allocate the appropriate commission (based on the gross sales value).

The URL for our club is:

You should save this link as one of your favorites to ensure our club gets commission when you order any tickets.

Or use either of the new links on our website which can be found on the main home page at the left-hand side under the welcome note or as one of the rolling sponsors logos on the right hand-side.

The new system has already started to operate from late April 2011 for Scotland's 2011 EMC Tests and 2012 RBS 6Nations games. You should note that the sale of tickets relating to the biennial Scotland v England game will continue to be processed manually and our club has already received an allocation for the 2012 England game.

If you have any queries about the new commission process, please contact the Club Secretary, Willie McVie


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