Thanks for Movember

By Stephen Browning, 20th Dec 2012

Gary and Tommy managed to visit the Friends of the Beatson Unit on Wednesday night, to hand over the cheque to Gordon Thomson and his collegues. This was gratefully accepted and Tommy was also given a tour of the centre for the first time. Gordon advised how this money would go a great way to helping the support of patients on a day to day basis further.

As you are aware our totals came in at a combined £3142.68. £2997.68 of this money was collected, banked and transferred via Just Giving to the Friends of the Beatson unit. £145.00 of this total is still outstanding, but due to the ongoing ill health of J McCabe we have advised him not to bother himself to much with this, until he is fit and well, as I'm sure you'll agree his health is of a greater importance.

As per emails and contacts with Gordon below the £2997.68 has been received, equating to a total of £3912.10 with Gift Aid that they will receive and make use of.

I have attached the letter received from Gordon tonight and a few photographs of us handing over the cheque on behalf of Irvine Rugby Club, for our club website.


Gary and Tommy.

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  1. Gary Kerr over 2 years ago

    Thanks to Stevie for putting up the picture and letter from the Beatson visit last night. Thanks to everyone who has taken part and for all your fundraising. Thanks to Jim McCabes daughter for giving up her time on the day, and mostly a big Get Well soon to Jim, get well soon mate. Gary.