Jakarta Komodos Rugby Football Club

Jakarta Komodos Rugby Football Club

Danone to sponsor the 2012 Jakarta 10's Tournament

By Gareth Rae, 26th Apr 2012

The Jakarta Komodos are proud to announce that with the help of PRUI/Indonesian Rubgy, Danone has kindly agreed to sponsor the 2012 Crown Jakarta Komodos 10's Tournament by providing players with Aqua and Mizone.

The tournament is going to be the biggest Rugby tournament ever held in Jakarta and with over 400 players participating, we can't thank Danone enough for helping keep the players hydrated during 11 hours of competition.

Danone will also be setting up their own stalls so everyone can purchase their great products and keep cool around the heated action!


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  1. adam perry over 3 years ago

    cheers danone!

  2. Kevin Fitzpatrick over 3 years ago

    Sweet as bro