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Codes of Conduct

I understand that as a Member of the Club I will:

1. Attend training every week.

2. Be available for all matches, and avoid arranging holidays or other events on match days.

3. Be available as a substitute for a higher team when asked.

4. Inform my coach in good time if I have a more important commitment which means I am unable to attend training or a match.

5. Be punctual (arrive at least 1 hour prior to matches and 5 mins before the start of training), warm up without being asked, and inform my coach if I am running late.

6. Wear the correct Club kit, and ensure that you are smartly presented.

7. Know the rules and play by them.

8. Never argue with an official - if you disagree have your captain approach the official during a break or after the match to clarify any point.

9. Control your temper - verbal abuse of officials or other players, or deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent is not acceptable.

10. Be a good sport, and treat all club members, opponents and officials as you would like to be treated.

11. Maintain a level of fitness required by the Club Coach.

12. Do everything I can to improve regardless of who is watching.

13. Demonstrate consistency and self-discipline in and out of training sessions and matches.

14. Give everything I have to everything I do and ask to do more.

15. Accept responsibility for mistakes and work hard to correct them.

16. Be open to coaching points and believe I can always improve.

17. Never ever give up, and work equally hard for myself and my team.

18. Encourage other team members, and support team members who are struggling.

19. Never criticise or undermine, either on court or from the sidelines.

20. Be selfless, and recognise sometimes things have to be done for the good of the team or Club.

21. Play to enjoy the experience, and not just to please parents and coaches.

22. Be passionate about sport.

23. Play to win, but if we don’t then know I have done my best.

24. Take responsibility for ensuring that I have appropriate clothing with me for the conditions, and that you have everything I need such as drinks etc. to hand.

25. Pay membership fees promptly in the manner requested by the Treasurer.

26. Never smoke, or consume alcohol or drugs of any kind while attending training, playing matches or representing the club.

27. Give my loyalty and allegiance to the Club, not to individuals.


Where next?

Parents Code of Conduct The Club expects that all parents and guardians should: •Read the Members Code of Conduct and G