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News for the KRFC Minis festival to be held on 18th October 2015

We look forward to seeing you at the Keynsham Mini’s Festival on Sunday 18th October 2015. Full details for the tournament are as follows. Please read these carefully. These details may be freely distributed to your parents and coaches.

1. Registration

• Registration will take place in the clubhouse, and will commence at 9.00am and must be completed by 10.00am (to enable play to start promptly at 10.30am).

• If for any reason a team has been delayed and is likely to be late in arriving, a representative of that team is responsible for notifying the Tournament Coordinator as soon as possible and under no circumstances later than 9.45am otherwise that team may be assumed to have withdrawn and their place will be forfeited. No refunds of tournament fees in that case will be made.

• A registration form is attached. Complete a form for each age group, and bring these along on the day.

• Players’ registration cards must be shown at registration. Any player without one will not be allowed to participate in the Tournament. In exceptional circumstances alternative evidence of age and identity MAY be accepted. The decision to allow participation rests with the Tournament Coordinator in case of dispute.

• Under 7 and Under 8 coaches should please bring a full set of tags for their teams.

2. Rules

• The Tournament will be played under the set of New Continuum Rules that are current on the date of the Tournament; a copy will be available on the day for reference. This includes the new Rules of Play adopted under Somerset RFU at U7, 8, 9’s and 10’s. These rules are available at

• For the avoidance of doubt all games will be of the following duration assuming teams per pool:-

U7s 5 mins each way

U8's 1 x 7 min game Finals x 5 min each way

U9's 1 x 7 min game Finals x 5 min each way

U10's 1 x 7 min game Finals x 5 min each way

U11's 6 mins each way

U12's 7 mins each way

U7’s is deemed non-competitive all players will receive a medal.

U8’s, U9’s, U10s, U11s, & U12s: Points awarded as per the programme:

3 points for a win
1 point for a draw

At the end of the group stage if teams are level on points the following criteria holds:

1. The result of previous matches between the teams
2. Tries Scored
3. Tries Conceded
4. Toss of a coin

In the finals, if the score is level at full time the following criteria holds:

1. No extra time shall be played
2. Shared victory between the two sides with the trophy being awarded on the toss of a coin.

Arrangements will be made for a duplicate trophy to be sent to the other team following the tournament

• Maximum squad sizes for the tournament are as follows:

U7s 7 players
U8's 10 players

U9's 14 players

U10's 14 players

U11's 18 players

U12's 18 players

3. Referees

• Each club shall supply one nominated suitably qualified referee for each age group.
• There will be a briefing meeting for referees of each age group on the relevant pitches at 10.00 am.
• The KRFC Head Coach for each section will deliver the rules for each age group
• All teams must ensure their nominated referee is in attendance

Each team is to nominate a touch judge for each game in which they play who must make themselves known to the referee officiating that game.

• The referee will be the sole judge of time and is responsible for reporting the scores to the relevant pitch marshal. The pitch marshal is responsible for filing the scores to the Tournament Coordinator, and for ensuring ground control.

• Should there be any dispute regarding the refereeing decision then the Tournament
Coordinator will support and uphold the decision of the referee.

• Any complaint made by a referee to the Tournament Coordinator concerning abuse in any form from players, coaches, or spectators could result in disqualification of the team concerned.

4. Tournament Play
• Each age group will be divided into pools and play will take place on assigned pitches for each age group. Details of the pitch layout will be available in the tournament programme together with the times of each game. All supporters must remain behind the ropes at all times.

• All teams must report to the correct pitch and be ready to play at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start. If teams are late the pitch marshal has the authority to award the game with a score of 2 points to 0 to the team waiting following a wait of a minimum of 5 minutes from scheduled start. This is in the best interests of all concerned.

• Each team will play against every other team in its pool. 3 points will be awarded for a win and 1each for a draw.

• The pitch marshals are responsible for the smooth running of the pitches and will ensure that the timetable is adhered to as far as practical. No game will start before the scheduled start.

• There will be no conversions at any age group

• Trophies and medals will be awarded on the pitch following the final games for both Plate and Cup competitions:

• All players participating at U7s level will receive medals

5. Ground Arrangements / Parking

• Parking at the ground is always a challenge on tournament days and you should advise all managers/ coaches / parents to arrive early. Car sharing is positively encouraged.

Rugby Club does not guarantee any parking at the ground, and parking is solely on a first come first served basis. This applies to Keynsham participants and visitors.

• If you intend to arrive by coach please notify us as soon as possible. You will be directed where to park by marshals. This may or may not be within the Club’s grounds.

Please do not park on the road as any cars may be liable to be booked / towed away by the Police. Please be patient as adverse weather conditions will limit the numbers available to park in the ground.

Purchase of on the day programmes will cost £3
All monies received are for the benefit of Keynsham Rugby Football Club
In the interests of hygiene and safety NO DOGS are permitted on any part of the Club’s grounds. Please make parents aware of this rule.

• Parents are welcome to bring picnics but NO INDEPENDENT BARBECUES, OPEN FIRES OR COOKING APPLIANCES are permitted on any part of the Club’s grounds.

I would ask you to make all your coaches aware of the above arrangements and would ask that if anyone wishes to make comment or has a concern with any of the arrangements to please contact me. I look forward to welcoming you to the 2014 Tournament and wish you all a successful and enjoyable day.

Players , Parents, Coaches and Supporter Conduct

Lastly I would like to make a plea to all players, parents coaches and supporters attending:
Please remember the festival is all about giving the players an opportunity to play and enjoy themselves. This is true at all levels of the game but especially true for these Minis age groups. I would ask that when you are watching on the sidelines try to make sure you encourage rather than criticise. The referees will all be doing their utmost to ensure the game is played in the right spirit and please make sure you support them in the right spirit. As organisers we will always support the decision of the referee and in line with RFU guidance we will encourage any referee to take firm action against undisciplined players, coaches or supporters. I would ask you to refer to the age group guidance and festival rules

Club Contact No: 0117 987 2520
Festival Co-Ordinator: 07773 600 514 – Richard Seward KRFC Minis Chairman
Under 7s Contact: 07702 890 008 – Paul Clarke
Under 8s Contact: 07779 615 962 – Ben Scott
Under 9s Contact: 07831 178 452 – Tom Nelmes
Under 10s Contact: 07973 627 305 – Chris Stafford
Under 11s Contact: 07500 905 240 – Ben Hosford
Under 12s Contact: 07974 777 547 – Adrian Walters

For sat nav use the club postcode BS31 2BE, this will take you directly to the ground.

Please report to the main club house for team registration between 9.15am and 9.45am. Ensure all registration forms for each entered team are completed prior to arrival along with each player’s RFU card.

Pre-match coaches meetings are to be held at the relevant pitch between 10.15am and 10.30am. We encourage all coaches to attend these meetings to gather, agree and discuss any on the day changes.

Matches are due to commence at 10.30am. Match timing sheets for each section will be available from the club house during registration and further copies will be available at the relevant pitch.


There are not an indefinite number of parking spaces at the ground. We would encourage car sharing as much as possible. If the weather is wet this will reduce our capacity further. There are a number of residential streets in the area with walking times to the club approx 5 – 10 minutes. Please do not attempt to park in the football club next door to the Rugby Club. They can lock their gates. PLEASE DO NOT PARK DIRECTLY OUTSIDE THE CLUB ON THE MAIN BRISTOL ROAD. YOU WILL BE TOWED AWAY AND ALSO CAUSE PROBLEMS FOR EMERGANCY VEHICLE ACCESS IF REQUIRED.

Entry to the ground on the day is £3.00 per adult. Children under the age of 18 are free of charge. This applies to anyone entering the ground on the day regardless of the mode of transport. All proceeds are for the direct benefit of KRFC.

Dogs are not permitted on the ground, except guide dogs.


Ladies and gents toilets are located in the main club house. Please ask a member of staff for access to baby changing facilities if required.


Coffee, teas, bacon, sausage, egg rolls available from the club house from 9.00am onwards along with our famous cheesy chips. Burgers and hot dogs will be available from the middle field BBQ throughout the course of the day along with soft drinks. Other outlets may be at the festival however this solely dependent on weather conditions.


Each club shall supply one nominated suitably qualified referee for each age group team entered. Each team is to nominate a touch judge for each game in which they play who must make themselves known to the referee prior to the start of each game.
The referee will be the sole judge of the game time and is responsible for reporting the scores to the relevant pitch marshal. The pitch marshal is responsible for filing the scores to the relevant section score marshal.
The referee’s decision is final which will be supported by the Festival Co-Ordinator and all other officials.


Please respect and welcome all opposition players and supporters.
Be generous in victory and dignified in defeat.
Recognise and reward endeavor and achievement.
This is not the World Cup or Six Nations. We are all here to enjoy the great game of Rugby in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.
Treat our club house and grounds with consideration whilst enjoying the facilities it has to offer.
The coaches, team managers, support staff, marshalls, parking assistants are all volunteers and human beings like you, please respect that at all times.

If you are unable to accept our code of conduct please do not come into our club.

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