Under 9's - Match centre

King Cross Park
Emley Moor
T Grogan (2), L Inman (2), C Sutcliffe, Unknown, E Bush, D Smith
Sun 27 May 10:30 - Friendly

Summer, Summer, Summer Time

Back to winning ways!


Park had won and there’s a sort of a buzz
Well Emley Moor didn’t really know what it was
They didn’t know what to make of this
The way our boys respond to Waddy’s tactics
The weather was hot but the boy’s weren’t running less
Helping one another making sure they’re the best
Running around in their Nike’s and their Umbro’s
Or in their Adi’s that Mum and Dad had chose

After the game we all went to the club
A place called the King Cross is where everybody goes
Dad’s sat drinking and Mum’s doing likewise
Eating left-over buffet, quiche and the pork pies
Smiles on their faces is what I was looking at
It’s like the Summer’s a natural aphrodisiac
And with this pen and paper I compose this rhyme
To hit you and get you equipped for the summer time……….

After coming second in our last two games, we were today playing a team who we’d narrowly beaten 16-12 earlier on this season. As such, Waddy, Zak and the boys knew today was going to be a difficult game but I don’t think that anyone could have expected the way in which the game would unfold….

I’ve spoken previously about the way our boys are listening, learning and then putting Wednesday’s training drills into practise on match days. This has been evident during recent weeks, however today; they turned last week’s errors into this week’s success. Last week against Siddal, our boys ran too close to the line and were tackled/pushed into touch before they could complete a set of six. And today, Emley Moor were the unlucky opposition to feel the full backlash of last weeks events. KXP hunted in packs and drove Emley Moor’s players into touch at every available opportunity. It was great to see the lads play this way and Emley Moor could offer very little in the way of a response.

Emley Moor kicked off but they didn’t get very far before they were bundled into touch by Callum Sutcliffe. In recent weeks, Callum’s shown exactly why he was voted last seasons player of the year and in my opinion, today was his best game of the season so far. The ball was handed over to KXP and in the form of Louis Inman, Tod Horner and Bailey Dacres, they wasted little time in getting to within yards of Emley Moor’s try line. The ball was played to Ted Grogan and he duly crossed the line to put KXP 4-0 up.

Emley Moor came back at KXP but what looked like the whole of our team pushed the ball carrier into touch. The ball was again handed over to KXP and the ‘tag team’ duo of Jake Smith and Louis Inman (Captain for the day) both making strong runs, with the latter crossing the line to extend KXP’s lead to 8-0.

Back came Emley Moor but at the risk of sounding like a broken record, KXP in the form of Oliver Oldroyd and Jake Smith, again pushed the ball carrier into touch. There was then a strong run by Ethan Bush but he was stopped just short of the try line. There was no let up and it was going to take a moment of magic for Emley Moor to get back in the game and then it happened. A side step by one of Emley’s players left our team flatfooted and he streaked away to score and reduce the gap to 8-4.

Again, KXP pushed forward with both Noah Smerdon and Lily Wadsworth coming close to extending our lead. They were both stopped just short of the line. Could Emley Moor draw the scores level?? The short answer was ‘no’, as William Davidson tackled a player twice his size, with the Emley player being bulldozed into touch. Quick hands by Oliver Oldroyd and even quicker thinking by Callum Sutcliffe lead to him squeezing through a gap and increasing KXP’s lead to 12-4.

The next play was all about William Davidson. It was he who again pushed the Emley Moor ball carrier into touch and after a quick play of the ball and a side step that even Fred Astaire would have been proud of, he raced away looking back occasionally to see if he was going to be caught but there was no danger of that and he touchdown to make the score 16-4 just before the break.


KXP got the second half under way. The ‘battering ram’ aka Daniel Smith ran strong and straight and it was his run that lead to both Noah Smerdon and Louis Inman coming close to scoring. They were both held up just shy of the line and the ball was handed over.

Emley Moor were unable to make any headway and it wasn’t long before Todd Horner tackled their ball carrier, pushing him five or six yards and out into touch. Again, quick thinking by Oliver Oldroyd and the quick feet of Ethan Bush lead to him running clear of the Emley Moor defence and extending KXP’s lead, 20-4.

It really wasn’t Emley Moor’s day, as although on their next play they didn’t get knocked into touch, they did knock the ball on and Daniel Smith went on to score an opportunist try, touching down in the corner to make the score 24-4.

Back came Emley Moor but the all too familiar pattern of the day saw them bulldozed into touch by the ‘red haired assassins’, Louis Inman and Ethan Bush. And it was the former who on the next play of the ball was to race clear to increase KXP’s lead to 28-4. Great try Louis.

The game was nearly over but there was just enough time for one more KXP try. Strong tackling by William Davidson, Ted Grogan and Callum Sutcliffe forced Emley to knock the ball on and it fell to Ted Grogan who ‘walked’ though the Emley defence to bag a brace and make the final score 32-4.

A brilliant, clinical display of rugby, played by a team who are undoubtedly improving week after week. Each and every one of them is adding different elements to their game. They’re playing to their strengths and exploiting their opponent’s weaknesses.

Our own Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince aka Waddy and Zak were both extremely happy coaches today and here’s looking forward to our next game.

Men of the Match: KXP Under 8’s
Top Try Scorer: William Davidson
Top Tackler: Callum Sutcliffe
Coaches Award: Ethan Bush

Match report by Graham Smerdon


Key moments

Try Ted Grogan scores for King Cross Park
Try Louis Inman scores for King Cross Park
Try Callum Sutcliffe scores for King Cross Park
Try Unknown Player scores for King Cross Park
Try Ethan Bush scores for King Cross Park
Try Daniel Smith scores for King Cross Park
Try Louis Inman scores for King Cross Park
Try Ted Grogan scores for King Cross Park


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