Kinross R.F.C.

Kinross R.F.C.

Saturday 29th March Dundee game cancelled

By Murray Hunter, 28th Mar 2014


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  1. Tom Bennett 1 year ago

    Guys light training/touch rugby sessions will carry on through out the closed season on Thursday nights, 7pm start. There will be a full pre-season schedule for the season 2014/2015.
    The first session will start at 1pm Saturday 19th July. It would be great if everyone could continue to do some form of fitness training from now until then.
    I would suggest that you consider doing at least 3 x 30 minute jogs/runs each week. If you are unable to run for this long, in the beginning, then you should start by walking for extended periods of time then building up to a jog then run.
    If running is not your bag then you should consider getting into the pool (swimming not bar billiards).
    Two gym sessions a week should be a minimum for first team players. If you are unable to do gym work then you can easily build yourself up by doing some strength exercises at home:
    3x 20 Press up
    3x20 sit ups with legs off the ground
    3x20 squat thrusts (liftiing feet of the ground with knees coming inside your elbows. do not slide feet along the ground)
    3X20 Squats (Straight back) squat should be done to the timing of down 1,2,3, hold 1,2,3 up 1,2,3.
    If you do these sets of exercises 3 times a day then you should have completed 270 of each exercise.
    If you are looking for other good exercises can I suggest PILATES which is very good for the core muscles and circuit training which is good for cardio and reaction time.
    Any questions get in touch.

  2. Tom Bennett 1 year ago

    Ok 3 x60 is only 180 and not 270.

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