Lasswade RFC

Lasswade RFC
By Simon Jones | 11th June 2012

Bye bye Bekki

After coaching the P5s since they first started to play rugby, Bekki has decided to reclaim her Sunday mornings and hang up her boots...for now. And yesterday, the team said farewell following another good training session and a narrow victory over the P4s with a customary “pile up” (Bekki being somewhere near the bottom) and some goodbye goodies.

So, on behalf of the P5s, parents and coaches, many thanks Bekki for all your efforts over the last five years. We hope that you’ll keep track of the teams progress next season and hopefully, if we’re playing in Edinburgh on a (not too cold) Sunday morning, it would be great to see you cheering on the Lightning.

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  • Chris Catterall
    Chris Catterall - over 3 years ago

    I would alos like to pass on my best wishes and that of the P4 coaches, players and parents to Becky. Becky did a great job with some of our boys when they were P1/2s. Becky - I hope you took some pride out of seeing how well both P4 and P5 teams played yesterday as many of the P4s were there at very start with you and Martin
    All the very best .

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