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Launceston Rugby Club
Full time
D Puffett, T Wood (2), N Crighton (3)
Sun 25 Mar 10:00 - Friendly Attendance 400


In the glorious sunshine, the Launceston Little Blacks travelled to Truro, in force, and ready for the County Cup battle to commence!

<p> <br /> The draw had been made, for the order of the day, and first up were Launceston V St.Ives and Camborne Barbarians. The first half saw some determined fast rugby as the Little Blacks pushed forward and remained in the opposing side for the first few minutes. A good pressure led to the very first try being scored by Matt Davey. Score at the half time whistle5-0 to Launceston.p> <p> Not long into the second half and Edward Tait ran through to score the Little Blacks another successful try. Great ripping of the ball and powerful tackling was seen, especially from Edward Tait. Tom Jewell did an impressive pass out to the wing, in the middle of being tackled himself. p> <p> In a nail biting moment so close to the opposition try line, both <a href="http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/launcestonrugbyclub/teams/45739/player/corey-sillifant-439023">Corey Sillifanta> and Edward Tait saved their try from being scored, with extremely strong tackling. The front row, Tom Jewell, Ben Mckenzie and Kieran Sargent worked very hard in pushing forward and gaining ground with some extreme ripping of the ball. Final score, 10-0 to the Little Blacks and the first game was bagged!p> <p> COME-ON YOU LITTLE BLACKS!p> <p> The second match was Launceston V St.Agnes and the Little Blacks were bought to a rude awakening by a very early try made by St.Agnes. This was replied to by a great run through by Tom Jewell and an equalising try made by Matt Davey. With a further try from St.Agnes the score at half time was 10-5 to St Agnes. p> <p> Into the second half and a very happy Dan Puffett scored his very first try for the Little Blacksexcellent work Dan! Good passing and play was seen by <a href="http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/launcestonrugbyclub/teams/45739/player/chris-tanner-439026">Chris Tannera> and some more excellent tackling, especially by Dan Puffett, Ben McKenzie and Edward Tait.p> <p> Final score 10-10 draw.p> <p> The third match was against Penryn and Ben Mckenzie came in with a hard hit tackle at the opening phase. Next Ross Jarvis did an amazingly fast run, way ahead of any opposition and went onto to score a try! Billy Feehan did some excellent passing and ball handling skills, that assisted Ross Jarvis in getting in his second big run of the day! Another try winning sprint! A good run from <a href="http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/launcestonrugbyclub/teams/45739/player/corey-sillifant-439023">Corey Sillifanta> and more good play from Ollie Petersen, Frances Fox and James Rossiter, with another try from Matt Davey, saw a final score of 15- 5 to Launceston - we were on a good roll!p> <p> Through to the semi-finals V Falmouth, the pressure was on, and emotions were running high! Great tackling from <a href="http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/launcestonrugbyclub/teams/45739/player/chris-tanner-439026">Chris Tannera>, Ross Jarvis, Ben Mckenzie and Edward Tait and trys from Ross Jarvis and Edward Tait led the Little Blacks safely through to the final with a 10-0 win!p> <p> In the final Launceston came up against Perranporth and worked really hard with what-ever energy they could rustle up after a shattering day! Ross Jarvis managed to score another try and had more good runs left in him and Keiran Sargent also tackled till the end! Just running out of matchtime the final score was 10-5 to Perranportha massive well done to the whole Little Blacks team who showed determination and commitment throughout the whole festival. We are not entirely sure how good this is for the adults blood pressure!p> <p> Launceston TeamEdward Tait (2), Ben McKenzie, Billy Feehan, <a href="http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/launcestonrugbyclub/teams/45739/player/chris-tanner-439026">Chris Tannera>, <a href="http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/launcestonrugbyclub/teams/45739/player/corey-sillifant-439023">Corey Sillifanta>, <a href="http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/launcestonrugbyclub/teams/45739/player/daniel-puffett-439028">Daniel Puffetta> (1), Frances Fox, James Rossiter, Keiron Sargent, Matthew Davey (3), Ollie Petersen, Ross Jarvis (4) and Tom Jewell.<br /> p>


Key moments

Try Nicky Crighton scores for Launceston Rugby Club
Try Nicky Crighton scores for Launceston Rugby Club
Try Nicky Crighton scores for Launceston Rugby Club
Try Toby Wood scores for Launceston Rugby Club
Try Toby Wood scores for Launceston Rugby Club
Try Daniel Puffett scores for Launceston Rugby Club

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U10 County Cup Truro 2012
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U10 County Cup Truro 2012 over 4 years ago


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