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Leamington Royals have forged a partnership with the University of Aberystwyth Rugby League team.


The deal formalises both an historical and current connection between both Dreigiau Aberystwyth and Leamington Royals.

Ash Howlett who was one of the original founders of Dreigiau Aberystwyth alongside the committee at Leamington Royals have offered the team here in Aberystwyth the opportunity to share in their experience in both how to run a successful team and to spread the Rugby League message.

With both current and former players of Dreigiau Aberystwyth now playing for Leamington Royals, it is hoped that the partnership will aid in both of the teams development in the coming years as two clubs working alongside each other is far stronger.

The deal will see the Leamington Royals occupying that sponsorship area on the back of the jersey. As well a pre-season fixture and tour for the Leamington Royals to Aberystwyth later in the year.

The partnership is one that will develop over time when opportunities arise for the Royals and Dreigiau.

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