Leeds Akkies Rugby League Club

Leeds Akkies Rugby League Club

Honours even in Akkies masterclass

by Rob Potts

Leeds Akkies Masters XIII were held to a draw against West Leeds Eagles in a game that enthralled the capacity crowd at West Leeds Social Club.

Honours even in Akkies masterclass

Evergreen carpet-fitter Ian Dalby thrilled the crowd with a dazzling array of flick passes and offloads - one of which even reached a team-mate! - and was ably assisted by hirsute cheese enthusiast Geoffrey Clark and debutant Mark Harrison as the Akkies played with typical gay abandon in the opening stanza. With Alan 'Sparra' Holdsworth pulling the strings in the middle and former Scots guardsman Grant Smith running amok at fullback, it was left to returning Geordie Steve 'Jock' Ewing to strike oil with Akkies only try of a rip-roaring first half.

There were thrills n spills aplenty after the break with gold-shorted Adonis Steve 'Handsome' Hall making a princely rugby league debut at the ripe old age of 52 and ex-Castleford schoolboy Paul Durrant displaying some rare glimpses of talent. There were also perfectly adequate performances from Keef Hill, Des Sammon and team lynchpin Rob Potts. However, it was left to deep-fried Mars Bar aficionado Smith and the pease pudding munching Ewen to claim the Akkies next two tries, with yet more champagne-duelist rugby.

Despite this masterclass, the Eagles of West Leeds soared like, er, Eagles and snatched a late try from crowd favourite Big Chris to level matters, despite a heroic last-gasp tackle by the unsung Dalby.

The Akkies will look to iron out one or two uncharacteristic errors before their next outing but - as always - 'rugby league was the winner.'

Akkies Legends of League:

1. Grant Smith

2. Steve Hall

3. Ian Dalby

4. Keef Hill

5. Bruce Forsyth

6. Steve Ewen

7. Alan Holdsworth

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8. Geoffrey Clark

9. Stuart Hall

10. Mark Harrison

11. Des Sammon

12. Paul Durrant

13. Rob Potts


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