Liberton Rugby Club

Liberton Rugby Club

Liberton v Llandaff North

By Andy Mackie, 9th Feb 2011

By Andy Mackie

Liberton rugby club will this week welcome Llandaff North rugby club. What started as a chance meeting in a Cardiff bar in 1968 has developed into one of the longest running club associations in the country.

Two years later Liberton took a team, including the late Bruce Hay, down to play Llandaff North and the fixture has been repeated annually ever since. Over the years strong friendshipshas been forged between players of the two clubs with many players from both sides attending each others weddings, christenings and birthday parties. Bruce Hay was of course one of the trailblazers on the very first tour and a number of his international jerseys are on display in Llandaff Norths clubhouse. In return Welsh internatinal shirts belonging to former Llandaff North players Mike Rayer and world sevens winner Tom Isaacs are displayed on Libertons' wall.

Saturdays game will kick off at 1:30pm and Liberton will be looking for their first victory in the fixture since 1993. A new trophy, named after Willum Burgess, will be presented for the first time after the match.

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  1. Nathan Whetton over 4 years ago

    Oh let the carnage begin!!

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