Easy Fundraising for the club


I have registered Livingston Rugby Football Club as a recipient of any commission we can get from sales carried out through this web site.


If you register with this web site and pay particular attendtion to selecting Livingston Rugby Football Club as the recipient of your commission we will receive payments if you decide to purchase anything on line from their 2000 shops.

There are loads of big brand names like Argos, Clarks, NEXT, Ebay etc.

Quite simply, the more the club members buy from any of the shops via this web site, the more money we receive. The % varies betweens stores but the web site is pretty clear and easy to follow.

No hard sell from me, but it would be great if we could earn some cash for the club when we are buying items that we need for ourselves.

We made over £40.00 last month. Not bad considering only 4 people have been on the site. Come on folks, take a few minutes to have a play around on the site (we get money for everytime someone that is registered to Livingston Rugby visits the site ! )

If you register for E-bay we get £4. Join Which magazine for £1 and the club gets £9.




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