Long Buckby RFC

Long Buckby RFC

Long Buckby Rugby Club, Chronicles by Jim Williams is a history of the first 100 years 1875 to 1975 which has been updated to the 2007 season by use of appendices and is available at a cost of £14.99.

The club was officially founded in 1875, however the club had been running as a social gathering for three or four years before that with add hoc games arranged. The club originally consisted of around 20/30 players making up the original teams and formed a committee. There were no leagues in the early days only so called "friendly games". The club first played down Mill Hill (Bakesome) and then played at the top of the village for a number of years. The original headquarters for meetings were held at the Peacock pub. Later to be held at The five Bells for a short time. There were no games played during the 1st World War and a number of the players lost their lives. It wasn't until the 1920's that they rented a pitch on what was known as the cricket field. At that time the field was ridge and furrow and it was levelled by hand, filling the bottom of the furrows with coke cinders from the 'gas house'. It was done by two farm labourers called 'John Townsend' and 'Mike Lee' using wheelbarrows, spades and forks but no mechanical equipment. They set up the original land drainage for the pitch.

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Midlands Division » Midlands 3 East (South)

1 Rushden & Higham 14 55
2 Vipers 14 47
3 Rugby St Andrews 14 45
4 Oundle 14 44
5 Stockwood Park 13 33
6 Daventry 14 33
7 Long Buckby 14 31
8 St Ives (Midlands) 14 31
9 Northampton Casuals 14 31
10 Northampton BBOB 14 27
11 Queens 14 19
12 Northampton Mens Own 13 10

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