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Madras Rugby Club
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The SRU have launched a new way for rugby fans to purchase tickets for home matches at Murrayfield which will give a boost to club funds. For those folks who prefer to buy their tickets on line by using the dedicated Madras Rugby Club ticket portal a poprtion of the ticket money will be given to the club.

Madras Rugby Club International Ticket Portal

If you are planning to attend any of the home 6 nations matches then please consider using this portal.

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League Tables

BT Caledonia League » Division 2 Midlands

1 Alloa 0
2 Blairgowrie 0
3 Carnoustie 0
4 Grangemouth 0
5 Harris 0
6 Howe of Fife 2nd XV 0
7 Kinross 0
8 Madras 0
9 Panmure 0
10 Stirling Uni 0

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