Madras Rugby Club

Madras Rugby Club

Madras Rugby Club Flyer

Madras Rugby club are actively recruiting for all age groups. If you are interested and fall into any of the age groups below, please do come down to training and get yourself registered with your local club

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Madras Youth Membership Form 2013/2014

Form for all Youth Members (players of Madrascals and Blues) and Family members (one full parent member, one spouse and any number of playing youth members) (Defined as: members of a family where one or more actively take part in the game of Rugby Football (at Madras Rugby.) Those family members who do take part in the game of rugby football, and are over 18, may enjoy the rights of a Rugby Member. Those members of family who do not take part in the game of rugby football but hold an interest in the support of rugby football in St Andrews, and are over 18, may enjoy the rights of an Ordinary Member.)

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Age Group Law Variations

Age Group Law Variations 2013/2014

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UKCC SRU Coaching courses 2013/14

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SRU Player Registration Form

Form required for all NEW members to Madras Rugby (new to rugby or transferring in or dual membership)

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Player Profile

This should be completed by all Blues players and returned to their coaches with their subs. A copy of your birth certificate and a recent photo should also be supplied

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Child Protection Policy

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Code of Conduct

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Procedure for Coaches

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League Tables

RBS Caledonia League » Division 2 Midlands

1 Hillfoots 16 70
2 Glenrothes 16 64
3 Harris Academy FP 16 60
4 Grangemouth 16 50
5 Stirling University 16 49
6 Alloa 16 29
7 Madras 16 12
8 Panmure 16 7
9 Kinross 16 4

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