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o2 Touch Rugby at Malton and Norton RUFC

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Touch Rugby at Malton & Norton is part of an o2 sponsored scheme for which more information can be found at this web address -

6.30pm Friday's at Malton Sports Centre 3G (winter) and The Gannock (summer).

Whether you are a complete beginner, an older experienced player or an injured player being sensible this is for you.

Everyone gets a warm welcome at O2 Touch sessions. Sociable and inclusive and the perfect opportunity to run out with old friends, or make new ones.

You can learn the rules in 5 minutes whilst playing. Some people will never get the rules but that is part of the fun!

The emphasis is on just turning up and playing. Bring trainers not boots and have a knock around for an hour.

Then a quick social pint afterwards.

Both men and women are welcome and can play together. If there are sufficient numbers this situation could facilitate separate teams.

For more details email Ben Stone on or just turn up and try it.

If you have read this and would like the club to consider sessions for younger age groups please contact Ben on the above email address.

*** O2 Touch Common Questions ***

Q. Where do I get started?
A. Email Ben Stone -

Q. How many people are required to play?
A. You only need a handful of people to have a throw around and a bit of fun with O2 Touch. You can play with anything from three-a-side to 15-a-side. Fully trained O2 Touch operators will be present at each O2 Touch Centre to ensure that a session will happen with whatever numbers are available. Most organised games are six-a-side.

Q. What commitment do I need to make?
A. There are O2 Touch events to suit varying levels of commitment:

TouchBase – TouchBase is aimed at those who can’t commit to regular activity. You can turn up on your own or with a group of mates. A session will typically last one hour with some warm-up and fitness games before about 30 minutes of game play.

TouchLeague (not yet active at our club - Oct 2018) – A structured, formal league played over a set number of weeks, with the same teams playing each week. Teams enter for the period of the league and so players need to commit to taking part in the whole competition.

Q. Should I have special equipment to play?
A. Each O2 Touch Centre will have all the kit and equipment needed to play touch. Consider the weather then just bring along the sort of kit you might wear to the gym or if you were going out for a run. Suitable footwear for a 3G surface.

Q. What are the rules?
A. At each O2 Touch Centre the O2 Touch Operator will be fully trained in the rules of touch. Touch is so simple that even beginners shouldn’t find it difficult, feedback from novices tells us they have picked it up after only 5-10 minutes or so and we have trained coaches at all sessions to help beginners understand the game.

Q. Why is touch rugby a great way to get fit?
A. Touch is one of sport’s best kept secrets. An effective yet distracting means of improving cardiovascular fitness, musculoskeletal strength and coordination, speed of movement and agility, thought and decision-making. Not only that, it’s a perfect way to make fitness fun in an often mixed social setting, making it a great way to meet like-minded people, men and women alike. The absence of high-impact tackling, scrums, rucks, mauls, kicking and lineouts mean that each game of touch is one full-on burst of energy.

Q. What parts of the body are you working most?
A. Touch is really a whole body workout, you’re constantly moving mixing jogging with bursts of speed so your cardiovascular fitness and lower body strength will rapidly improve. You’ re constantly catching and throwing a rugby ball as well so your upper body gets a good workout too.

Q. Do I need to be super fit to play?
A. No, you should be in reasonably good health, but in the process of playing touch you’ll also get fitter.

Q. How is this different to the rugby I’ve seen on TV?
A. Touch doesn’t have the big hits, the scrums, the lineouts, rucks or mauls, making it a quicker, simpler and more accessible game. The tackle is replaced by a minimal contact touch but rugby’s principals of attack, defence, passing and evasive running remain. This makes it a perfect introduction or route back into rugby.

Q. Is O2 Touch available all year around?
A. Yes. O2 Touch is available all year around with short breaks between the winter, spring, summer and autumn leagues.

Q. How big is the pitch?
A. At a TouchBase session the playing space will largely be determined by the number of players. A full size touch pitch will be up to 70 metres in length by 50 metres wide. You can fit two touch pitches on a normal rugby pitch with the touchlines of the pitch becoming the try lines.


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