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Murph was born in Aberdeen, but has spent most of his life in Gloucestershire, being educated at St Peter's School in "Glaws" before attending Worcester University, even going so far as appearing at some lectures. He played his rugby at Widden Old Boys and Worcester Uni before joining Malvern, where he is a member of the "Ginger Brigade" front row with twin brother Dominic and some Yorkshire bloke. Nicknamed, with great originality "Murph", his marital status is "single and looking". A serious gastronomic connoisseur, he tells me that his favourite food is meat, preferably dead, but in times like these...
His musical tastes begin and end with The Corries. For those uneducated Sassenachs, they are the Scottish folk duo who are responsible for the Scottish anthem "Flower of Scotland", which is all about the national emblem, the thistle, which proved too much for "proud Edward's army", who couldn't hack the prickles and went home defeated, leaving us to get on with inventing television, steam engines, penicillin, tarmac, the phone and millions more things that the English didn't. Murph enjoys coaching rugby and snowboarding, often together, and he cites his Dad as his biggest influence. His rugby role model is Tom Smith, whilst his ideal fantasy dinner companions are Stalin, for his efforts to bring about world peace, Keith Wood for his battlefield skills and William Wallace for his innovative front row play which won Bannockburn.

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League Tables

Midlands Division » Midlands 2 West (South)

1 Newbold on Avon 14 54
2 Old Laurentians 13 53
3 Banbury 17 51
4 Malvern 17 51
5 Pinley 13 41
6 Droitwich 17 30
7 Old Yardleians 14 27
8 Spartans (Midlands) 17 26
9 Nuneaton Old Edwardians 17 24
10 Leamington 17 20
11 Old Coventrians 12 13
12 Old Leamingtonians 14 9

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