Fantastic Farewel from Rochdale Festival

by Ian Roberts

On a windswept Rochdale pitch, the Tigers signed off from tag in fantastic style. They took the game to all comers and advanced to a phenomenal final.

Full festival report to follow:

Game 1 v Bury WON 4-2

Game 2 v Tarleton WON 7-6

Game 3 v Warrington DREW 4-4

SEMI-FINAL v Tyldesley WON 5-4

FINAL v Liverpool Collegiate LOST 2-1

Not only did the Tigers do so well as to get into the final, but Manchester Rugby Club were the winners of the Club award for the best tournament representation. The Club had finalists at, U7s, U8s, U10s and U11s with a hard fought 3rd at U9s. What a brilliant day for the teams and for the Club in general. Real commitment from all age groups and a fantastic way to end what has been a really successful season at all levels and for the Club.


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