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Introduction- The Manchester Village Spartans currently operate 3 men's rugby squads. Plus a summer touch rugby squad.

Approximately 75% of our members are homosexual and 25% are heterosexual. We are an inclusive club : - anyone is welcome to join the Village Spartans who wishes to play rugby union - regardless of sex, sexual orientation, race, religion or belief

The Club's playing and organisational membership is diverse made up of members from the LGBT community, as well as both heterosexual members from local Sale area, and friends or family members of our LGBT players.

Our aim is to maximize a players potential through DEVELOPMENT and GROWTH on and off the pitch

Pre-season: The players train in August and September on Monday evenings to improve individual fitness, and on Wednesday evenings we hold rugby practices, both sessions are 7.30pm - 9.00pm.

In season: When the competitive season begins we tail off fitness sessions at the end of September and revert to practising Wednesdays and playing games on a Saturday afternoon. Kicking off at 3pm (or 2.15pm in the winter months) in the regular season of September to April. There are mini break's in the season over the Christmas/New Year and Easter holiday periods.

Summer & off season: We offer mixed touch rugby (men & women's in a combined team) over the summer months of mid May and June to develop our new and less experienced existing players techniques and skills. Touch rugby is non contact and an ideal introduction into the basics of playing rugby. It's a good way to get back into playing rugby for those returning to play the game, in preparation of pre-season.

The opportunities the Spartans offer:
The 1XV squad is made up of 22- 26 players who play competitive rugby in Division 3 South of the North West Intermediate Leagues. The 1sts play 26 league fixtures throughout the season against local rugby clubs in the Manchester area. The 1st team gained promotion to division 3 in April 2016 from Division 4 East having finished runners up. This is the second consecutive season the 1st team have been been promoted.

The 2XV squad is a team made up of existing and emerging players to the sport, or those wishing to play at a slightly lower level than the 1st team. The 2nd team will be joining the league structure in September 2016 for the first time playing in division 5 East. This will provide 24 2nd team league games a season.

3rd XV - Our new player development squad: The club offers beginners a place start to play rugby and the associated social life. The '3rds' who are in their early development stage play against other inclusive and gay rugby teams in England. There are dedicated coaches who work with the new player group to offer a pathway to the 2nd team and beyond over a few seasons.

Touch rugby made up of new and developing players who play in a touch rugby league for 8 weeks over the summer from mid May and through early July. Touch rugby is non contact and provides a good introduction into the basics of playing rugby. These being passing, catching and running forward.

The Club enters the inclusive & Gay rugby tournaments which are held in England, Europe and Worldwide:
*The Spartans were the runners up in the 2015 Union cup held in Brussels, Belgium in May 2015.
*The Spartans competed in the last Bingham Cup held in Nashville, Tennessee in the USA, in May 2016.
*The Spartans will be competing in the next Union Cup to be held in Madrid, Spain from the 28th - 30th April 2017.
The club usually tours for 3-7 days depending on the distance travelled and where the tournament is being held in the UK or abroad.

Coaching and Development:
The club has a Director of Rugby , Neil Mason who oversees the strategy and overall rugby development for the club. The club has 2 RFU level 2 qualified coaches who work with all 3 squads to offer a good level of technical support.

The club has a professional player involved in our coaching structure, Alex Shaw, who is the 1st team coach. Alex plays for the Doncaster Knights in the Championship.

The men's 2nd & 3rd team squads have additional support from our development coaches who are Dave M and Phil B. Who work with our new players to develop their fundamental skills while safely progressing new players towards contact rugby when the time is right for each individual player.

Possible questions & answers:
How do I to get involved? -The club allows players, men and women of any background and experience to join at any time throughout the season and generally you can just turn up and get involved. It may be easier to make contact with someone to ask questions and so you have a point of contact when you turn up, but the idea is turn up and try rugby.

What training equipment will I need? - Rugby training kit such as socks, shorts and a rugby shirt or similar training / jogging top, footwear- boots with studs (in the winter), trainers in the summer for touch rugby.

How do I get to the rugby club? - The Village Spartans are based at Sale Sports Club, located on the corner of Dane Road and Clarendon Crescent, Sale M33. 2DE. Please use this link to assess the most suitable transportation mode for you via Car, Tram or the bus.

If I like playing rugby, how do I join and pay my membership? - If after a few weeks you feel this is something you enjoy and you want to join the club, there is a club pay as you go on line direct debit system which you can sign up to for your membership fees. This covers the running costs of the club, coaching, equipment, facilities etc. This costs between £5.50 - £12.50 per month depending upon your employment status (i.e studying, unemployed or level of earnings). Separate match day fees apply for individual players in each team of £5 for the match referee and food costs incurred.

Our Social activities:
The club is involved in lots of social activities for the players and our social members who are encouraged to join the club also to support at games, travel on tours and just be a part of the general fun each weekend.

Rugby has a place for everyone regardless of your age, size, fitness and previous skills, we develop new players who have never previously played the game as well as offering competitive rugby for the more experienced player, so why not contact us and try playing rugby with the Village Spartans?

Core Values: Lastly we expect all our players, current and any potential new players to conduct themselves in an appropriate way and uphold the sports values of:
We play to win but not at all costs. We win with dignity and lose with grace. We enjoy the game!

For additional information - you can follow us on twitter

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You can email us at :
Liam our recruitment officer will contact you.

or please contact one of the relevant persons below.
1XV Captain - Karl Bee 07982 137 273
2XV Captain - Andy Wig 07858 513 603

Thank you! We hope to welcome you soon to the Village Spartans rugby club.

The Village Spartans - "More than rugby!"


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