Manor Park RFC

Manor Park RFC

It's no joke, the Spuff are headlining... at the OAK!

It's no joke, the Spuff are headlining... at the OAK!

The Usual Suspects; Dan Joyce, Lee Joyce and Alex Tustain are performing at the Royal Oak in Arbury Road, Stockingford, from 8.30pm on Saturday, February 19.

Their tightly-knit show pays homage to artists such as Oasis, Kasabian and The Who.

Please come along and enjoy an evening of good music and dancing, but heed these warnings;

1 - Wiggling of hips until your jeans fall down to reveal reproductive organ is probhibited.

2 - Playing dead at the feet of the lead guitarist is also forbidden.

The Royal Oak is run by landlord Steve Bench who kindly donated the club half a dozen new rugby balls (The Irish ones with GRIP!!!), which was a welcome boost and saved the club some pennies - so it will be good to repay the favour by drinking his resources dry and offering him a handshake and knowing nod of gratitude.

Tiiiiiiiiiiiits ooooooooooooot.

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  1. STEVE ROSE over 4 years ago

    Best ban Eddie Edwards

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