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Manor Park RFC

MATCH PREVIEW: Yardley & District (A)

By Bobby Bridge, 19th Aug 2011

All players are asked to meet at 12.45 at the clubhouse before journeying over to Yardley at 1pm.
The match will be split into four, twenty minute spells giving both head coaches the opportunity to give all players a run out.
Yardley play their rugby at Midlands 3 West North with the likes of Wolverhampton, Veseyans and Handsworth.
On the eve of the match, head coach Lee Maddison paid tribute to those who have helped him during the club’s gruelling pre-season schedule.
He said: “I'm loving my first senior coaching role but to be fair the lads have made it very easy for me to adjust from just a player to a player coach role.
“Phil Groves (forward coach) has had a big input on pre-season and his experience as a coach will pay dividends with all our forwards at the club.
I’d also like thank Martin Harrison for his time in helping me setup my sessions and his help with scrimmaging.”
This pre-season fixture was arranged after the annual end of season match in memory of Brunty could not be played due to fixture pile ups suffered by both teams.
The usual ceremonies will not be taking place, as these were upheld in a match played among Manor Park’s players instead at the end of last season.
But there is plenty of goodwill among the two sides, so should be a cracking game of rugby!
Address for Yardley; 1 Colehall Lane, Birmingham, West Midlands, B34 6HE.

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  1. Bobby Bridge over 4 years ago


    1View on map

    Turn left onto Wenlock Way

    Heading southeast - 0.12 miles - 31 seconds

    0.14 miles

    2View on map

    Turn right onto Wiclif Way

    Heading west - 0.26 miles - 1 minute, 9 seconds

    0.27 miles
    1m 2s

    View on map

    Turn right onto B4112 / Ansley Road

    Heading west - 1.52 miles - 2 minutes, 33 seconds

    0.52 miles
    2m 11s

    View on map

    At roundabout, take 2nd exit

    Heading west - 1.19 miles - 2 minutes, 32 seconds

    2.04 miles
    4m 44s

    View on map

    Bear left onto B4114 / Nuneaton Road

    Heading west - 3.57 miles - 4 minutes, 28 seconds

    3.24 miles
    7m 16s

    View on map

    Turn left to stay on B4114 / Coleshill Road

    Heading south - 0.61 miles - 1 minute, 9 seconds

    6.80 miles
    11m 44s

    View on map

    Turn right to stay on B4114 / Church Road

    Heading west - 3.40 miles - 5 minutes, 48 seconds

    7.41 miles
    12m 53s

    View on map

    Pass through 2 roundabouts, remaining on B4114

    Heading south - 1.18 miles - 1 minute, 48 seconds

    10.81 miles
    18m 41s

    View on map

    At roundabout, take 4th exit onto A452

    Heading southwest - 3.58 miles - 4 minutes, 32 seconds

    11.99 miles
    20m 29s

    View on map

    At roundabout, take 1st exit onto B4174 / Newport Road

    Heading west - 0.48 miles - 51 seconds

    15.57 miles
    25m 1s

    View on map

    At roundabout, take 1st exit onto B4114 / Bradford Road

    Heading east - 0.11 miles - 20 seconds

    16.05 miles
    25m 52s

    12View on map

    Turn right onto Heathland Avenue

    Heading southeast - 0.31 miles - 1 minute, 11 seconds

    16.17 miles
    26m 12s

    13View on map

    At roundabout, take 2nd exit onto Buckland End

    Heading east - 0.17 miles - 32 seconds

    16.48 miles
    27m 23s

    14View on map

    At roundabout, take 2nd exit onto Cole Hall Lane

    Heading east - 0.30 miles - 56 seconds

    16.64 miles
    27m 55s

    15View on map

    Arrive at B34 6HE, Birmingham, Birmingham on the left

    16.95 miles
    28m 51s

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