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Medway Dragons
Sat 24 Mar 13:00 - Friendly Full time

Masters Retreat from Warrington- Pride Intact

It was a baptism of fire in Cheshire as the Dragons crossed swords with the best the mighty Northerners had to offer.


MEDWAY Dragons Masters launched their third season in style with a punishing mini-tournament at Crosfields at the weekend.

It was a baptism of fire in Cheshire as the Dragons crossed swords with the best the mighty Northerners had to offer.

Crossfields, St. Helens, Baht’ats and Hatton & Farnworth provided the eager Dragons with a sheer master class in interplay, exchanges and passing and exploited us down the wings with meticulous flair.
The Dragons did manage to go over twice in four mini games through Chris Thomas and Dave Cole, but spent most of the day defending and regrouping and enduring a barrage of Northern power.

The Dragons are still a relatively new outfit but are learning quickly. Without a few key players, the Masters mini festival was an educational opportunity and helped prepare is to us host our own festival at The Garrison in May.

Wigan’s John Derbyshire was keen to avenge his team’s defeat to Warrington the previous night and led from the front constantly. Even when injured and bloodied he merely bandaged up and continued to lead. Centre Rob Rice and winger Kevin O’Brien combined well defensively while a great 20metre break from fellow centre George Cooke and a neat offload allowed Cole in to score. Full-back Joe Egan had his busiest defensive period ever and battled well.

Cardiff’s Thomas was exemplary and his workmanship was rewarded when he broke through a rare gap and ran 30m to touch down. Michael Percy picked up the breakdown balls and rekindled Medway’s attacks with vigour while Graham McManus used his vision, wisdom and ability to side-step to maximum effect.

The Medway Dragons Masters now look forward to building on our educative trip up north and are putting the finishing touches to our Masters Festival in May.

After the Game:

Graham McManus and Kevin O’Brien won the disco dancing competition in the nightclub late that night and as they danced from 9pm – 3am and Graham wanted to dance even more and had to be dragged off! O’Brien discovered Red Bull keeps you awake, Rob Rice showed off his new Golf car and how fast it can go while Joe Egan thought his new red jumper would be popular with the Cheshire ladies (forgetting the night club lights were unforgiving!).

George Cooke was camera-less but sported a gorgeous new body armour outfit for the game and the ever industrious Dave Cole even managed to get in a day’s work in Manchester before the game. What a guy! Rice cruelly slapped O’Brien’s dead-leg with a nasty blow that he thought was funny, but it didn’t stop Kevin getting both bar ladies to dance with him. Graham’s request for the Pet Shop Boys in the pub was duly met. Can you believe that?

Sadly, slow-drinking Chris Thomas was blamed by his team-mates for losing the drinking competition in the Crosfields’ club. Percy acted as chauffeur and then drove to Medway from Cheshire at 4am - what a guy. We salute you Percy. We also discovered George doesn’t like garnish on his burger – not at 4am anyway, so he dropped it on the hotel floor. Ouch!


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