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Developing the Disabled toilet and Referees shower - 2010/2011

The Club has applied to build a disabled toilet and referees shower. Part of the build will include alteration to the existing entrance.

To meet new requirements for referees, a shower cubicle will be built within the referees room. The club has now obtained part funding to enable this project to be completed during the early part of 2011.

The Funding has been obtained from the People's Post Code Lottery.

[Update 1.]
The new entrance and disabled toilet has now been completed.
At the same time new flooring was lay down in the main entrance of the club and toilets.
During this work the toilets were completely upgrade with new lights, paint, automatic fans etc.

The Club would like to thank the assistance given by WREEN in the funding of this project.

[Update 2.]
The installation of the referees shower is now complete and the club would like to thank The People's Post Code Lottery and the 100 club for their assistance in this project.

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